iOS Games to look for this September


There are quite a few games scheduled to release this month on iOS that should definitely be on your radar. We’ve mentioned quite a few of these on our site in the past, and a couple in particular have high expectations from mobile gamers. Obviously this isn’t a full list of games that will be out this month, and there’s a chance some of them could get delayed until later in the year. Almost half of the games on this list will be out within the next few days, so make sure you’re ready for some great new mobile games to play!

If you haven’t, make sure you check out our list of the Top 10 iOS Games of August, so you can catch up on anything you may have missed from last months game releases.

Valiant Hearts: The Great WarValiant_Hearts_art

Since this game has already been out on PC for quite a while, most people already know what to expect in the iOS version. It has had pretty good success, which in turn has created quite the following of gamers looking forward to it’s release. Valiant Hearts is a story telling game that focuses on puzzles and exploration as it’s primary gameplay elements. This game is definitely one of the most anticipated of the month, and I recommend keeping an eye out for it this week.

Tactics Maidentactics_maiden_screenshot_1

You may have seen my post a few weeks back about upcoming iOS games to get excited about, and if you remember — this game was on that list. It was just recently confirmed that Tactics Maiden would be released on September 18th, so just a couple of weeks away. There will be part of the game available to play for free, but the full version will be $4.99. The reason I’m excited for this one, is because of the rather unique gameplay concepts they have set-up, and I’m excited to try them out.


Etherlords is actually a reboot of a popular PC game series, but it’s getting a pretty drastic makeover for the mobile rendition. The games won’t be identical, or even that similar, but the same title will be carried over. Players will be able to collect monsters, assemble a team, and battle against AI and other players. As you complete matches, you’ll gain various forms of currency which are used to expand your world and unlock more monsters. It will be free, but don’t be surprised to some IAPs tempting you along the way.

The Banner Sagabanner-saga

Similar to Valiant Hearts, this is another PC port (unlike Etherlords which is more of a reboot). Although we don’t know exactly when, Stoic has confirmed that we will see The Banner Saga on tablets (both Android and iPad) this month. The Banner Saga was met with very high reviews from critics and players when it was released for PC, but it looks like there may be some interface changes in the mobile version. These may or may not change some of the ways the game is played, but we’ll find out for sure when it gets released.

Battle Ridersbattle riders

I just stumbled across this game the other day, and I’m definitely interested. Battle Riders is going to be an inexpensive $2 racing game that features a 120-event capmaign, 6 racing modes, 3 additional challenge modes, 9 different tracks, and a ton of car customization options. Oh, I forgot to mention, everyone on the track will not only be trying to win by intelligent racing, but by trying to blow each other up as well. Just a couple days till we get to try this one out!

Evil Brown Eggsevil brown eggs

I’m always on the lookout for a fresh arcade game to add to my mobile game collection, and Evil Brown Eggs might be the keeper from this months batch of games. It is a simple, fast-paced game, where the main concept is to avoid brown eggs while collecting nests that appear on-screen. You can go solo, or play with a friend on a single screen — there is also a lot of egg customization options, and of course a leader-board so you can show off your high scores. This one is set for release on the 9th, a Tuesday, which seems odd but we’ll go with it for now.

Scuba Steve10629695_775677135788720_3025672541327809416_n

  • Release Date: September (no specific)
  • Genre: Endless Runner Swimmer

Although I don’t see anything too special about this one, Scuba Steve looks like it could be a decent endless runner game if that’s your cup of tea. There is going to be a few different costumes you can unlock and use, and each one will have a different ability or perk. This will be a free game with IAPs, but hopefully there isn’t anything you can get with cash that you can’t get with enough coins.

Escape From the Pyramidescape_zps2f1ac88c

Ever wanted to jump into the writing on the walls of those ancient pyramids? Well, now is your chance, with Escape from the Pyramid. There is a possibility this won’t get released until October as the developer is just applying the finishing touches, but we are hoping to see it out late this month, probably the 25th if anything. As for the gameplay, it is a puzzler/platformer game with seemingly basic concepts — but the artwork is going to be the real draw to this one.

Angry Birds: Stella__thumb_-3-Stella-Announcement_final

Stella was first announced roughly seven months ago, and pretty much all we’ve known was that it would be a story driven, friendship focused angry birds game. In the past few days Rovio revealed the release date (the 4th), as well as the first gameplay trailer — which seemed to really only display the same old Angry Birds concept with some new bird abilities. I can’t say I was expecting much more, but it’s likely this will be another hit with Rovio’s fan-base.


Seabeard is a multi-genre type of game, and it looks to share a lot of similarities with the Animal Crossing games. You could go from fishing to exploring a dungeon and battling fierce enemies, all within a couple of minutes. There’s going to be something in this game that appeals to just about anyone who likes mobile games, and it could definitely be one of the best games we see this month (maybe even all year).

I saved Seabeard for last for a couple of reasons; first because it looks like it could be an awesome game, and second because I’m not so sure it will be released this month. The game did go into a closed beta phase last month, and the developer recently tweeted that it won’t be too much longer until the game is released. However, there’s no clear indication it will be by the end of September, but I’m really hoping to see it on the 25th (like Escape from the Pyramid).

Thanks for checking out this list, and hopefully you found a couple of games to keep an eye on as we head into the first September releases this Thursday. Make sure to leave us a comment below, and share what iOS game you’re looking forward the most this month — especially if we didn’t include it!