iPhone 5S Makes A Remarkable Entry in China



iPhone 5S makes 10% of iPhones in use. Recent report by Counterpoint Research came before the news about Apple and China Mobile deal came out. Statistics also show that iOS 7 adoption goes faster than last year’s iOS 6. According to the research, iPhone 5S has a very strong standing in China with a dramatic success occupying 12% of sales in October only, says they research company Counterpoint.

The recent deal with China Mobile, the largest mobile carrier in the world, is expected to boost sales even more. Apple is expecting to take preorders from China Mobile for iPhone 5S starting with December 12, before the official announcement of China Mobile 4G network.

China was hungrily waiting for the iPhone 5S, and when it hit the market its sales skyrocketed. The top-end iPhone with a built-in fingerprint reader has quickly become the best-selling phone worldwide during October.

Another analytics company Mixpanel has released data suggesting that the iPhone 5S now occupies 10% of all iPhones in use globally. In addition, the iOS 7 operating system, which experienced a radical redesign, is showing faster upgrade results than iOS 6 last year.

“Apple’s smartphone market share climbed to the 12% mark in China in October, instantly making it the third largest smartphone player in the market – up from a modest 3% share in September,” says the Counterpoint report.

The abrupt increase may mean that the Chinese buyers were expecting for the world renowned models of the iPhone and 5S particularly. It has become a status symbol among the wealthy strata of consumers. China Mobile with its 750 million subscribers will unavoidably boost the sales. Overall, iPhone 5S will be available on the three main Chinese carriers that totally have 391 million subscribers, twice as much as the total US phone market. This can also “ignite a price war boosting the overall iPhone 5S sales in China. This might allow Apple to reach the number one smartphone player in December or January in China,” says the report.

Being the world’s largest smartphone market, China is also one of the fastest growing markets. Smartphone sales constitute a 87.7 million units in the third quarter of 2013, according to research by IDC published in the Guardian. So far, Samsung has been the biggest player on the Chinese smartphones market, selling more than 6 million phones per month.

The release of Galaxy Note 3 and smart discounting offers helped Samsung increase its sales and make Note 3 the fifth best-selling device worldwide in October.

Mixpanel data suggests that iPhone 5S already constitutes 10% of all iPhones in use, with the iPhone 5C making up to 3.4% of the iPhones in use despite its lower price. Another research company ComScore suggests that the number of iPhone users has grown by 2.7 million within the last three months in U.S. The company also predicts continual growth in overall iPhone ownership globally.

Another interesting revelation in makes panels date down is that 78.3% of iOS devices are not running iOS 7, with 18.8% for iOS 6 and 2.9% for older versions.