How To: Jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu


iOS 9 Jailbreak

Pangu has just released the first publicly available untethered jailbreak for iOS 9 which you can download immediately from the team’s website. The jailbreak works for iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2 and supports every device that can run iOS 9. The tool is only available for Windows but you can also run a virtual machine in your Mac if you cannot wait for the OS X release.

Before you jailbreak

The benefits and drawbacks of jailbreaking have been discussed extensively and there is no reason to go through them once again here. If you are looking for more information on jailbreaking, check out our in-depth look at Cydia and jailbreaking. What I want to tell you instead is that there are certain steps you should take before committing to the jailbreak to ensure that everything goes well.

First and foremost, back up your device. The importance of this cannot be overstated, especially when you are about to jailbreak your device. After that is done, go to your device’s Settings and disable the Passcode, Touch ID and Find My iPhone features. The latter can be found in the iCloud menu in case you are wondering. Finally, turn Airplane Mode on from the Control Center or Settings and get ready to jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 9 with Pangu

The iOS 9 jailbreak differs a bit from previous versions so make sure to pay attention to every step.

1. Connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable.

2. Download the Pangu tool and run it.

3. Click on the Start button.

4. Select the “Already backup” option and the jailbreak will start immediately. The Pangu app will also be installed in your device at this point.

5. At some point during the process, the Pangu tool will restart your iPhone and ask you to enable Airplane Mode again. Turn it on and the jailbreak should continue.

6. Wait for a bit and Pangu will ask you to open its app. As I mentioned before, the app will be automatically installed in your device at the beginning of the jailbreaking process so you will be able to find it in your home screen.

7. After you open the app, Pangu will ask you for access to your Photo Library. Tap on the Accept button and then confirm it once again by tapping on the “OK” button in the pop up that will follow.

8. Your iOS device will be restarted once again. Feel free to turn off Airplane Mode and run the Cydia app because you have a jailbroken device in your hands!


The most common jailbreak problems can be fixed by doing a full restore of your iOS device via iTunes and then starting the jailbreaking process once again. If the jailbreak is completed successfully but your previous tweaks do not work, the only thing you can do is wait patiently until their respective developers update them for iOS 9. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment down below or visit the forum for more!