Kickstarter launches redesigned iOS app


Kickstarter 2.0

Quite a large percentage of people who use Kickstarter either to browse or bid on projects do so from their mobile devices. Kickstarter is well aware of that but its mobile presence has not been great so far, in my humble opinion. Nevertheless, the company has decided to update its iOS-only app with a host of new features.

The most obvious change is the completely redesigned interface. Projects are now listed in a card-like view. The result is a much cleaner experience than before but it also has its limitations. There is a lot of unused space and navigating between multiple projects is not as fluid as before. The cards do look pretty nice though and they give you a quick rundown of information about the projects like the company behind them and their locations, the current backers, the amount of money pledged and how many days the project has left.

The new UI is definitely an upgrade, especially considering that the app now supports iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus perfectly. Though you could technically load the app before, it looked like a blurry mess. I am fairly certain that the card-like navigation style will not bode well with a lot of you and that is understandable. I would definitely suggest trying the app out if you are a frequent visitor to the service.

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