King of Thieves’ Update Brings Three-Day Guild Battles


ZeptoLab has released the first major update to its insanely popular gem stealing game King of Thieves. When we reviewed the game, we were wondering when the guilds feature would be developed to fulfill its primary purpose – the guild battles. This all new update makes happen just that – the guilds can now battle, compete in stealing gems and get the prizes for being active. Long story short, the update is dubbed the Guild Battles.

Now the system will pit two guilds of similar levels to compete against each other during a three-day cycle. The guild that steals the greatest amount of gems wins. Also, the most active player of the winning guild will be awarded the in-game currency.


ZeptoLab’s Semyon Voinov says it is “only the beginning” of the game expansion in the works at the studio. Besides the guild battles, the update brings a slew of other tweaks. For one, before the update your defense shield was down for the time while you were attacking other players. No more. Since now your shields will be up and running while you dedicate your time selflessly to raiding other players. In addition, the game has been balanced and beefed-up to eliminate the unbeatable dungeons, so that the long-time thieves who’ve been resting on laurels since the game’s beta testing wouldn’t feel so omnipotent.

The guild battles make total sense since the game has acquired an immense download number on the two platforms, and it is high time ZeptoLab started rolling out something to boost customer loyalty.


King of Thieves is a game for the highly competitive players – you get to build up defenses in your dungeon, where you will keep your gold and the precious stones you steal from the other players and in the single-player campaign. However, the core of its action is the multiplayer stealing spree, where you attack other players’ dungeons, steal their gems and gold, and then fortify your defenses in case they come avenging on you. You get regularly raided, too, and you can avenge those who stole your gems and gold.

The players get automatically assigned to a wooden league as they start the game, and once they level up, they ascend to higher tier leagues. However, the players have been able to create the leagues of their own, and until now there was not much they could do within the confines of their own guilds. That changes now, so get those lucky outfits ready and off you go stealing!

If you still haven’t tried King of Thieves, you can download it on Google Play and iTunes for free. It is also packed with IAPs and timers, but if you are not a compulsive buyer and addictive personality, you will be able to enjoy it without exhausting your family budget. We also suggest you take a look at this list of King of Thieves tips and tricks for a smooth beginner’s experience.