Kodi (XBMC) arrives on Play Store


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Kodi (formerly known as XMBC) has made its way on most platforms you can think of in the course of its long career. The open source multimedia hub has been available on Android devices for quite some time but only through APKs. Now, however, the Kodi team has created two Google+ communities where folk can join in the beta and alpha versions of the app.

Kodi Information

Truth be told, the Kodi team has not advertised the release of these two apps on purpose. The beta and alpha tags are there for a reason as these versions are highly experimental and many features plain out do not work. As such the plan was to keep everything low key (not secret) until most features were fixed but now that the cat is out of the bag everyone is welcome to try the apps out.

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Both the alpha and the beta versions of Kodi sport some all-new bells and whistles so if you are brave enough to brace the certain bugs in these apps then you can get your hands on the latest Kodi experience before the general population even knows about them. Join the alpha or beta communities and you will find instructions on how to download the respective apps right on the front page of your feed.