Legend of Grimrock is headed to iPhone


If you’ve been eager to play Almost Human’s first person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock, but you don’t have an iPad to play it on, don’t worry — soon you’ll be able to fire it up on your iPhone instead. This also means if you already have the game on iPad, you can get it on your phone for free when the compatibility is ready and the update has been released. As of right now, there’s no confirmed release date for this update, but it is expected sometime within the next few weeks. Even though it sounds sooner than later, I wouldn’t get too excited until we hear official word from the developer, Almost Human.

In the mean time, we’ve got a screenshot to share that shows off how the UI shaped up on iPhone:LoG iPhoneLooks like they’ve still made it manageable despite working with a lot less real estate. If you’re hesitant about playing such a big game on a tiny screen, you could wait until the reviews come up, but I highly doubt this particular developer would release anything sub-par. There’s no questioning the quality of the game itself, and if you’re unfamiliar with it, make sure you check out our review right here on Pocketmeta.

One other thing you might take away from this, is that clearly Legend of Grimrock was a successful iOS port. Could that mean that the sequel is also going to make it’s way to iOS, perhaps quicker than previously speculated? You can only hope at this point, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if we get teased with something like that after the iPhone port — or maybe an Android port of LoG first.