Marvel Future Fight launches on iOS and Android


Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight IconMarvel Future Fight [iOS, Android]

Developer: Netmarble Games
Price: Freemium
Genre: Action RPG

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron launches today in the US and though the company will be very busy with raking in all that money from what has become one of its most successful franchises ever, its mobile department has just released a new game called Marvel Future Fight which will let users play as their favorite Avengers as well as other Marvel characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy team and even some villains.

The game features both offline and online play which should keep fans of the series entertained for quite a while. In the offline mode you can expect to find a lengthy campaign that will take you through a story penned by the great Peter David as you control your character in stage-based battles to unlock new characters, costumes and other rewards.

Marvel Future Fight Mission

In the online side of things you can pit yourself against other players in “epic 3v3 battles” where you will have to carefully select your team based on four unique hero types: Combat, Blast, Speed and Universal. You can also all in your friends to help you in the single player campaign if a particular Super Villain battle is too hard, much in the way Facebook games have done for the longest time ever.

Marvel Future Fight Cutscene

The controls are pretty good as you will have a choice of two distinct control schemes. The ‘1-Touch’ style lets you tap anywhere on the screen in order to move and tap on enemies in order to attack them. The ‘Pad’ style will add a virtual joystick on the left side and your attacks on the right side. Both control schemes also offer on-screen buttons for special attacks so you are not going to miss out on anything. I have found that the Pad style works better in these kinds of games but to each his own.

Marvel Future Fight Gameplay

Unfortunately this is the part where I have to tell you about the in-app purchases and I truly envy you if you did not see this coming. The game works on an energy-based system so you will have to either wait or pay your way through the gameplay. You will also get prompts for several other kinds of in-app purchases and the game will get quite challenging at points, especially if you have paid nothing for it. Nevertheless it is a fun experience and one that might even remind you of the Ultimate Alliance series, albeit far more limited and with a myriad of IAPs.