Minuum Keyboard update 3.0 for Android arrives with Material Design


Minuum 3.0

Of all the third-party keyboards out there, Minuum is one of the select few that try to make a difference by providing a unique service. Regardless of whether you like it or not, you have to respect the developers for what they are trying to achieve and I personally think that both the idea and the implementation are pretty good.

With update 3.0, things are actually getting even better for the Minuum Keyboard as it now features Material Design themes that look absolutely fantastic, even though I am a bit biased towards anything Material. There are plenty of other new themes too, including the obligatory holiday ones that the majority of apps are getting right now.

Apart from the visual changes, the update also brings improved auto-correction as well as a multilingual typing mode. The devs note that the feature is still kind of experimental so do expect a few annoyances here and there.

If you have been holding back on Minuum and want to try another keyboard for your Android device, you can get it right now for $1.99 onĀ Google Play.