Moleskine’s ‘Timepage’ is a feature-rich iOS calendar with a minimalist design


Moleskine Timepage

Moleskine is a designer company based in Italy that produces highly stylized journals and other related accessories which have become famous for their unique and functional designs. Now, the company has released a calendar app called Timepage for iOS devices along with a companion app for the Apple Watch that takes the company’s design guidelines and applies them to the digital world, resulting in a very beautiful calendar that also offers a very decent host of features.

Though it is never stated by Moleskine, the app’s design is obviously a minimalist one, at least when it comes to the design. Everything in the app is presented in a clear background of a single color, putting the spotlight on the information presented. Timepage is also heavy on customization which may seem obvious for calendar apps but is still noteworthy as evidenced by the many similar apps that focus entirely on style with little substance underneath.
Moleskine Timepage Weekly View

One of the most unique features of Timepage that will probably not appeal to all users is that your schedule is presented in a continuous timeline that does not hide days where nothing is going on. It is very easy to see what is going on in any given week but if you want to look at future events you are going to have to do some scrolling around. The app does allow you to choose how many days it shows you though and you can choose form up to thirteen “Moleskine colors” so you can instantly personalize the view with simple touches.

Moleskine Timepage Today

While this weekly view will give you a fine overview of what is happening in your schedule, pulling up specific days or events will give you even more information in the same gorgeous UI. The day view will give you a brief description of your scheduled tasks but specific events will also show you a map of the area along with directions and predictions on how long it will take you to go to there, information about the weather and an option to call an Uber car immediately.

Adding events is as simple as you want it to be. You can simply type in “Coffee with Sam” and let the app take care of the rest or provide it with additional details manually. Timepage also integrates with Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Apple iCloud so that you can easily sync data and get the best of both worlds. A fully-featured integrated weather app will also help with your scheduling as its interactive charts can give you detailed information on what any particular day will be like, including levels of humidity, wind, rainfall and “feels like” temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Moleskine Timepage Weather

The creation of new events and tasks is made even easier by Timepage’s integration with several other services. People are suggested from your iOS address book along with an option to send included contacts invites to events, places are retrieved from Google Places, directions can be received from both Apple and Google Maps and customizable reminders will let you get push notifications for the more important things you have to accomplish during the day or in the future.

Moleskine Timepage New Event

The Apple Watch companion app is also extremely useful as you can view your schedule by the hour, day or week. It also includes detailed weather information, transit estimates for walking, cycling, driving and public transport, a glance view that shows how long you have till your next event and how long it will take to get there and gentle vibration feedback for event reminders. All that should be more than enough to keep your phone in your pocket most of the time and still be on top of whatever you have to do.

Moleskine Timepage Apple Watch

As I mentioned before, Timepage is not really for everyone. The minimalist design choices, especially in the event view, will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Even more important is the fact that the app costs a hefty $4.99 which is obviously a very premium price for a calendar app, especially when you consider that similarly functional offers are free or a good few bucks cheaper. If you are willing to spare some money and want a new calendar app though, Moleskin’s app is definitely one to consider.