The NBC app now supports live streaming


NBC iOS Live

An update to the NBC app for both Android and iOS is rolling out today and is adding support for live streaming TV. NBC is the third service to add such a feature as ABC and CBS already support it. It is also worth noting that this feature is an extension of the network’s “TV Everywhere” initiative that first arrived on the web and has now made its way into the mobile platforms.

NBC iPad Live

Users can stream live over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections although the latter option is not recommended for obvious reasons. The app now has an expanded on-demand library of videos along with all the livestreaming stuff. All of it has ads too but that should be expected from a network channel. The iOS version of the app also supports AirPlay but there was no mention of Chromecast for Android so you are going to have to wait for that one too.

There are quite a few catches that you should be aware of though. First of all, you will need the login of a participating cable or satellite provider’s as the network has not struck a deal through its affiliate programs right now. This means that you can only stream content if your local station is owned NBC. If it goes through another company, you are going to have to wait for a future update until NBC figures out some sort of deal with its partners.

The apps are available for both smartphones and tablets and you can check them out on iTunes or Google Play for free today.