New Android Game: Dev Story /*HACK THE CODE*/


Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ is a mobile game, or app if you like it, created by a team of developers over at Intel. It is an open source app designed to let beginning, or skilled, developers master their coding skills in a series of mini challenges scattered across three levels.

Hack the code iconDev Story /*HACK THE CODE*/
Intel Corporation

Release Date – October 7, 2014
Price: free, no IAPs

The game challenges players with the entire development cycle for a mobile game or an app, from concept creation to the very launch of your app. You will be able face the challenges a game developer faces, and ultimately, build something of your own.


According to Intel, the international developer community leads the project, and if your solution to the game’s challenges results to be interesting, or brilliant – who knows, your code may make it to the next update, completely under your byline, with your credentials.

The best part is probably in that you can take the code whichever direction you choose, and code your own challenges and levels.


Note, however, that the app is fit for smartphones and currently does not support tablets, but you can grab the source code at GitHub and develop something of your own with it, including porting the game to other platforms (XDK_LOOSE), if you wish.

Likewise, Intel Developer Zone has other options if you want to get involved. There are free developer tools, tutorials, and Android developers forums where you can seek support and download the code, too.


If you manage to hack the code, you can submit your solution in DevStory GitHub thread. Once you are done with all the levels in the game, you can craft your own levels, make them harder with new challenges (XDK_CHALLENGE) relying on the game’s mechanics (XDK_PARAMS), or adding more challenge and introducing accelerometer-based mechanics (XDK_SHAKE). You can devise a trap (XDK_AMBUSH) and diversify the multi-threading (XDK_APEX) – the limit is your creativity and imagination only.


It is up to you to decide whether the game is fun, or too simplistic. Many users report it lags, crashes or fails to launch, but that may depend on hardware because those who have played it seem to love it. If you are trying your chances with game development, Dev Story may be the right game for you, so go ahead and install it – it’s free, no in-app purchases.