New Game: Beach Buggy Racing for Android (Review)


Beach Buggy Racing is a sequel to last year’s Beach Buggy Blitz, and a superb one. Truth be told, I expected this quality would have a hefty price tag, but developers opted for free to play model, so the game is available free of charge, with many options to buy in-game goods for real money, or grind for them, which can ruin the overall good impression.

BBR is intense, hilarious, action-packed and content-filled, offering excellent replay value, gorgeous graphics, smooth controls and plenty of characters, tracks, power-ups and cars.

  • Beach Buggy Racing [Android]
  • By Vector Unit
  • Price: Free, offers IAPs
  • Rating 4.6


The game starts with a brief introduction into the controls system. By default, it is set to tilt controls, and you can customize the sensitivity. If you are like me, and prefer to stick to the proven touch system, head over to the game’s settings. This is probably the only time I got disoriented in the game’s UI because there are many menus and options, and to get to the controls settings you have to exit through two screens, but once you figure that out once there is no hidden catch. Everything else is pretty straightforward.

You get a default character – a guy named Rez. He does not talk much, but prefers to let the driving do the talking. Each character has a special ability, and Rez’ is the burning rubber, which makes opponents stop, drop and roll.

You get a kart you can customize right away in a very neat color wheel with many patterns and images. Other cars and characters are locked, awaiting till you earn enough cash to unlock them, or buy via in-app purchases.

The rest of the gameplay is racing, which is smooth, fun, funny and extensively addicting.


Controls are available in tilt, touch and external USB or Bluetooth options, so every spectrum of players is satisfied here. When testing, I found two options for touch controls – one with left and right buttons on the screen’s left bottom area and breaks on the right, and the other one with left turn on the left side. Right turn on the right side, and breaks on the both sides, but lower. The latter option resulted the most handy for me, but my point is – you really have a lot of options to tweak controls to your personal style.

Modes and Levels

Now, BBR is a worthy rival to Angry Birds GO, with 6 game modes, each with many-many game levels and 12 awesome looking 3D race tracks. There is a daily challenge, a career, championship, single player and split screen.

Single player comprises eight series, with 9 levels each. Split screen mode lets you race against your friends in exciting championships, but this mode is available via in-app purchases and it plays with gamepads only.

Every day, you get to spin the wheel of fortune for free coins, and complete a daily challenge with great rewards at stake. In Single Player, each level can be replayed as many times as you want to collect three stars in every level and unlock the next series.


The main catch here is the green tickets (energy) that buy you entry to the race – one ticket per race. You get five tickets, which run out in no time, and after that you have to wait 20 minutes to replenish, buy unlimited tickets for $5, watch commercial to get one ticket, by one for hard-to-earn gems or win the race, and get one ticket as a reward. I am not sure how this will translate into gameplay when I unlock additional characters because now I only have Rez, and the waiting really hampers the gameplay. Perhaps, when you have more characters like in Angry Birds, each character gets 5 tickets, but I am not sure about that.

Split screen mode with controllers costs $2. As much as I enjoyed playing BBR, I really wish there was a paid version for a reasonable price that you could buy once and never have to worry about it again. However, the way it is now, BBR is heavily induced with in-app purchases you stumble upon wherever you go. Want to paint your car a different palette – pay in gems or money. Want a power-up, an upgrade, a new character, or God forbid a new car – get that coin ready.


The graphics are spectacular and one of my favorite parts about BBR, although I wouldn’t say the same about the sound score, which is pretty plain for an action-packed game like this. Cars come in nice variety, with unique abilities, upgrades, customization and plenty of power-up you can buy in the corresponding section of the UI. Power-ups are also scattered across the race tracks, and unique character’s ability can be used once per race.


  • Awesome visuals
  • Addictive and solid gameplay
  • Plenty of customization options – characters and cars
  • Power-ups, hilarious races, numerous levels and spectacular tracks


  • IAPs are too aggressive, numerous and expensive, and ultimately ruin┬áthe impression. The paid game would have made much more sense.


BBR is very much like Angry Birds GO – you have the series-split levels, spectacular tracks, hilarious bumps and crashes, traps and tricks your opponents set up for you, as well as randomly scattered power-ups and coins you earn for completing the race, or for winning it. Your character gets tired, too, but instead of cakes you have tickets that run out too quick to enjoy the gameplay. The controls system is what really shines in BBR, offering two varieties of touch, tilt and hardware controllers support. The latter is available in the multiplayer split screen mode or $2 via in-app purchases. When you’re out of tickets – buy or wait, and the entire gameplay goes down to this, as sad as it is.

Overal, BBR is a cool cart racer, and we recommend it for those who got enough of Angry Bird GO and don’t mind something new. However, IAPs are in your face, literally, which sucks the pleasure out of the gameplay.

What did you think about BBR? Share your impressions in the comments below!

Replay Value