New Game: Laserbreak Laser Puzzle for Android [Review]


Today, I want to introduce you to another great Android puzzler Laserbreak Laser Puzzle. If you enjoyed Volt, XON, 100 Doors: Alien Space, Unmechanical and the like, Laserbreak is your kind of game, and a few days into the game I am totally charmed.

Laserbreak is balancing on the brink of painfully challenging and thoroughly enjoyable, the way a true puzzle should be. Its simple premise tasks you with interacting with different objects placed in seemingly random places on the scene, until you work out the pattern to make them work and reach that X target point. As typical a puzzler as it is, Laserbreak is hopelessly addictive and befuddling. It might push you to browse the Internet for walkthroughs, but the game feels incredibly rewarding when you finally sort out the challenges on your own. A must-have for anyone appreciating a quality brain stimulus.

iconLaserbreak Laser Puzzle [Android]
By errorsevendev,
Genre: Puzzle
Price: free, offers in-app purchases


The premise is simplistic, but it keeps evolving with each new level. You are in a closed environment with a laser machine that shines its laser beam, which in its turn can be projected by crystals and special blue crystal surfaces. The laser machine as well as the crystals can be rotated to change the laser beam angles and re-projection directions. Tap on an object and if it can be rotated you will see a circle around it that will help you calibrate and adjust the direction.

The aim is to direct the laser beam at the red X button usually located behind all sort of obstacles. Once the laser hits the X button, it heats it; the button explodes and you earn the coins that unlock the next level.

Laserbreak 4


As far as I can see, the rotating laser gun and crystals are the only things you can control via touch controls. However, there are plenty of objects that can be triggered when you hit them by the laser beam – wooden crates, elevators, transporters, balls. I found it challenging to aim the laser beam, but that’s due to the complexity of interacting with geometrical shapes and knowing how geometry works, not due to any flaw in the controls system. So, if you fail that would be your fault only, not the controls’.

Laserbreak level 8 walktrhough


Laserbreak features 30 levels of increasing difficulty, and the catch here is you can’t skip a level unless you want to pay. On the other hand, this kind of approach encourages you to sort out each level, which will help you in the subsequent challenges.

Players get rewarded with 5 coins for passing each level, and occasionally, there would be bonus coins placed somewhere in the scene that you can grab if you find a way to get to them. Each new level is more complex and introduces new objects that not only can be activated, but add a new dimension to the physics, literally. These are worm holes and TNT, so basically you can’t beat this game by figuring out a single pattern – it’s a new catch each time.

Laserbreak level 5 walkthrough


The gameplay is very relaxing and challenging at the same time – no need to rush. If you manage to ‘free your mind’ and focus on geometry, you will find a sophisticated pleasure in these mind boggling puzzles.

Visuals are designed to help you focus, and the beauty of puzzles is complemented by graphical artistry of the presentation. Everything here looks polished, detailed and atmospheric. The game looks gorgeous to simply marvel at, and the accompanying sound score creates a special ambiance perfect for the puzzle-solving gameplay.

Laserbreak level 6 walkthrough


You can buy in-game coins to unlock the full game, which is 60 levels as of now, but considering the initial 30 are available for free, you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to buy. My opinion is the game is well worth a full purchase for the substantial fun it offers.



  • Smart challenges
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Relaxing ambiance
  • Perfect for geometry nerds, adults and kids
  • Smooth controls


  • None


If you play snooker or simply admire the beauty of geometry, you will love Laserbreak’s natural mechanics, visual glam and a decent challenge to your grey cells. It is fun, addictive, beautiful and smart, and will keep you entertained for weeks. You won’t be able to play it while commuting, though, since aiming requires precision and a firm hand. Other than that, everything about Laserbreak is nothing short of brilliant, and we definitely recommend it to puzzle fans.