New Screenshots for ‘The Room Three’ recently uploaded


Back in April, we learned that the third installment to Fireproof Games popular series The Room was going to be delayed. They were aiming for a Summer release back then, but as we’re now into July and no release date or any information has been announced, things were beginning to look not so good.

Fortunately, Fireproof surprised everyone with an apology via Facebook about how there haven’t been any updated about the game. Along with this apology, they also uploaded two screenshots (one seen above, one below) showing off the work in progress. These images look phenomenal, and it appears that all of the waiting is really going to pay off when The Room Three hits the app stores — whenever that might happen.

10924237_1016449618374931_5873425022204182847_oFireproof stated that they’ve completed pretty much all of the work on the puzzles, and are focusing on touching up the artwork. However, no release date was mentioned, as they specifically stated how whatever date they come up with doesn’t seem to work out anyways. Anyone who is anticipating this release should be okay with that, since it means you at least won’t be getting your hopes up for another possible let-down.

Although the long wait isn’t ideal, its really a testament to how unique and polished The Room series is, and how the sequels aren’t just a quick re-hash of the predecessor. Hopefully we’ll get some more updates soon, but for now, keep an eye out for anything Room Three related — right here on Pocketmeta.