A New Way To Potty Train Kids Using The iPotty. Yes, It’s A Real Thing


The people at CTA Digital get creative with a way to potty train children with the iPotty 2-in-1 Activity Seat for iPad


Getting children to sit still in itself can be a major challenge, so once a child hits an age where he or she should start to develop the ability to use a toilet, it can be an even more difficult challenge to get them to sit on a training toilet. Thanks to CTA Digital, parents can now give children a comfortable and fun place to learn how to use the potty.  The iPotty features a special stand to securely hold an iPad up in front of the do-diligence chair, allowing children to either play games or use learning applications, which would be a 2 for 1 learning experience. There’s really no denying that tablets are currently looking like the way of the future when it comes learning. Many schools have already implemented programs for each young student to have a iPad to complete tasks such as homework, tests, and research. CTA apparently wanted to take the ability to use the iPad as a learning tool a step further.

Never having to potty train a child myself, I can’t really say whether this is a better way to teach your children how to excuse themselves to the bathroom, but I can say this is definitely a unique approach that no doubt many parents will be willing to try. Parents should also be happy with how simple it is to keep the iPotty clean, with a removable potty bowl, potty seat, and splashgaurd. The iPotty comes with a clip-on seat cover that will be able to convert the potty bowl into a activity seat, so they can safley read, watch videos, or play with apps on the iPad. If you’ve ever seen a child under the age of 10 handle a iPad, you should be able to easily see the value in that.

The iPotty is compatible with the iPad 2, iPad 3rd and 4th generations, designed for children 18 months and up and supports up to 43 pounds.  The 2-in-1 one set  includes:  The iPotty for iPad, Removable Potty Bowl with Handle, Removable Potty Seat, Attachable Seat Cover, Attachable Splashguard, Adjustable Stand for iPad, and Removable Screen Guard Cover.

Multiple retailers including Target and Amazon sell the iPotty 2-in-1 Activity Seat, which retail price is listed at $39.99. If you’re thinking of picking one up, amazon has had multiple retails that list the product at $29.99.

It seems all well and good that CTA Digital is looking to improve parenting by providing a product like the iPotty, but my questions is when are they releasing an adult version of this?

Update: 12/17/2013

In regards to my final statement, it turns out CTA Digital did realize the potential for adults. They have released a Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder for iPad, they also have a promotional video on YouTube that’s just a bit over the top. You can check out the product and promo video with the links below.

Product Site: Link
YouTube Promo: Link