Nintendo and DeNA will bring Mario and friends to your mobiles


Nintendo Mobile

A month after announcing its new social “Mii” app, Nintendo has just unveiled the curtains behind its new partnership with DeNA, one of the most popular mobile gaming developers in the world. The partnership will see DeNA gaining access to all of Nintendo’s IPs in order to create new games for mobile devices.

And when I say new I mean we will not be getting ports of existing games to our smartphones and tablets. Instead, the two companies will work in completely new games featuring existing Nintendo characters so we actually have absolutely no idea about the games that will soon arrive. Of course, we do know quite a lot of things about DeNA already, both as standalone developers and through their Mobage platform.

What we also know is that Nintendo stands to profit immensely via this partnership. Not only will the Japanese developer gain a 10% stake at DeNA but their mobile games can prove to be huge successes. If you do not believe me, maybe you want to listen to Nintendo’s shareholders or the very valid points made by Michael in why the company needs to go mobile.

Would you play Nintendo games on your mobile device? I know I would, provided they are not filled with obtrusive IAPs. Let us know your opinion in the comments below!