Nintendo: There Won’t be any iOS Demos


A few days ago, there was an article in a Japanese newspaper stating Nintendo was planning to release an app on the iOS market, this app would contain information about upcoming game releases, and even playable demos of both console games and handheld games. Interestingly enough, this has come around a time where a lot of people have been buzzing about Nintendo making moves into the mobile market. Even here at Pocketmeta, I wrote an article about Why Nintendo Needs to go Mobile. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you opposed the idea), it didn’t take long for Nintendo to publicly deny these rumors.

The official statement from Nintendo was that although Nikkei (the Japanese newspaper in question) provided accurate information about Nintendo’s interest to utilize smart-phone devices and tablets to promote products, they have no plans to release any sort of demos or mini-games for these devices. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Nintendo wants to turn their negative recent history around, they need to do something with the mobile market. The 2DS was a waste of time, PS4 and XB1 are dominating the console market against the Wii U, and even the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are starting to beat out Nintendo’s handheld line in revenue. It has been reported that they in-fact will take the lead within the next 4 years.

Nintendo was reporting a projected profit of 100 million Yen, however, this projection has been cut all the way down to a 35 million Yen loss for the gaming giant. We’ll have to wait and see how this developing story plays out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo did eventually release some sort of app similar to the one described in the Nikkei newspaper. What are your thoughts on this subject? Should Nintendo keep pressing on in the console and handheld industry, or should they swallow their pride and move on to mobile gaming?