Nocanwin’s upcoming arcade game ‘Shredmill’ looks rather addicting


Yesterday, developer Nocanwin released a trailer for their latest project — Shredmill. The game puts you in control of a stack of paper on a two lane treadmill, and your job is to avoid hazardous materials for as long as possible. If that sounds easy, then you’ve surely been deceived by your thoughts. The only movement you can make is to switch between the two lanes, and you’ll need to utilize random jump pads and fans that appear to keep from running into a wall or falling off the edge. For a better idea, take a look at the trailer below, which shows off most of the game’s mechanics:

Jared Bailey is the developer behind Nocanwin, and he’s got a handful of different mini arcade games — although none have really seen widespread success. A lot of the games are free to download, whereas some may run you a dollar or two. As for Shredmill, we don’t know what the pricing will be just yet, but it definitely looks like a game worth paying a dollar for, and if we can get it for free that’d be even better. You can expect to see it out later this month, on iOS for sure, although we’re not sure if it will be available on Android devices. Previous Nocanwin releases have seen both platforms, but some have been iOS only.