Om Nom Is A New Cut The Rope-Based Movie That Hits Theaters Next Year


Om Nom is officially a movie hero now that ZeptoLab partners with Blockade to make a feature film slated to hit the theaters late in 2016, and I know who is going to be happy about it – the kids. My nephews have all the Cut the Rope games, My Om Nom, about five Om Nom toys that came with the Happy Meal, about a dozen Cut The Rope printables and DIYs. Whenever they get to draw something, Om Nom is a persistent presence in their drawings, right where the Angry Birds and Bad Piggies are. I have no idea what makes Om Nom so attractive for kids, but currently the green candy gobbler dominates the pantheon of cartoon heroes in my nephews’ minds.

Movie poster

And yes, Om Nom has been a cartoon hero for quite a while now because ever since ZeptoLab got the feel of the worldwide craze over their very successful game, they started releasing short toons dubbed Om Nom stories, available on their YouTube channel.

The 3D movie slated for release in late-2016 is said to explore the origins of the cute green creature. As a young boy Evan opens a mysterious parcel, where Om Nom is imprisoned, Evan’s life changes forever. Om Nom, hungry for some candy as usual obviously, wrecks havoc on Evan’s hometown, and the boy and his little sister Jordan follow Om Nom, trying to escape from the shady spy agencies and weird creatures hunting the unique and surprisingly valuable asset.

In a way, the plot resembles Spielberg’s E.T. The Extraterrestrial, the 80’s TV show ALF, and Lilo and Stitch – all of which were quite successful at their time. Hopefully, Blockade sticks to ZeptoLab’s colorful 3D art style and the ZeptoLab’s Efim Voinov and Semyon Voinov (both executive producers of the movie) have some good ideas to bring to the familiar genre that has funny creatures befriending human kids.

My Om Nom

We will see a few video games-based movies from Blockade later this year – Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank. Heavenly Sword released in 2014 was quite mediocre, but that’s a totally different genre.

Yes, it’s a kid-oriented movie and let us hope its release will not get postponed by a couple of years, as is the case with Ratchet and Clank. Until then, enjoy the Om Nom short stories and consume those sweets with moderate fanaticism.

What about you – are you excited for the upcoming movie? Do you still play Cut the Rope, or are you enjoying the recent Zeptolab’s King of Thieves? Do you think ZeptoLab landed a good deal with the Blockade? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or start a conversation on our Forum, and don’t forget to follow us on PinterestGoogle+, Facebook and Twitter for our latest apps and games reviews, news, tips and guides for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.