Opera Browser Android app brings a new tablet UI and lots of bug fixes



    Opera 18 Android UpdateOpera is far from being the most popular browser. Even so, it managed to keep a dedicated fan base through its mobile apps. But Opera went one step further and geared up with a new UI designed specifically for Android tablets. The fresh tablet interface has buttons strategically placed for quick access and the Discover feature just got enhanced. The Chromium 31-based browser also boasts a nifty Off-Road mode, very useful for when you’re using a slow or congested connection, as it tries to reduce data usage.

    The new tablet UI is not borrowed from the phone or desktop interface. Opera wanted to create a new layout, specifically for larger Android tablets and so they did. Let’s not forget that about two months ago, Opera also gave us an iPad dedicated browser. It seems Opera is striving to cater for the mobile market and they’re doing it well.

    Source: Engadget