Outcast Odyssey Is Out for Android and iOS



As we reported in mid-Summer, new game by Bandai Namco was slated for release this fall, and now that it launched on Google Play and iTunes App Store the entry looks like I am going to put this on my permanent shelf next to Star Realms, the yet unreleased but a very much playable demo of Eminence: Xander’s Tales, and if you are playing Hearthstone, you might as well take a look at it for the sake of knowing what it is.

Outcast OdysseyOutcast Odyssey [Android, iOS]
Release Date – October 16, 2014
Genre: Card Battling Game

Outcast Odyssey mixes card battler with role playing game and looks to be somewhat different from the other card collectible games we know, even though on the surface it is CCG that looks nothing short of spectacular.

It is free to play, and its in-app purchases don’t seem to be intrusive or mandatory for a successful gameplay – at least that’s what the early birds report on Google Play. You get to explore sinister dungeons and fight monsters, but unlike Hearthstone where monsters come with their own decks, Outcast Odyssey actually looks like you are attacking them with your deck, but we will delve into the details next week when we publish our review.

Besides the dazzling cards art by renowned artists Chuck Pires and Warren Louw, the game has plenty of content to offer and a lot of things to do besides collecting cards, and unlike too many modern games that make you wait lengthy periods of time to replenish energy, stamina or tickets, Odyssey’s energy system lets you resurrect pretty fast, depending on your overall character’s health.

Multiply that by guild building, a hefty single-player campaign, online PVP arena, card trading marketplace and an introductory deck of 600 cards, and Outcast Odyssey sounds like a game that will make you lose track of time because any more or less decent card collecting game offers an immense replay value. Oh, and don’t forget there is plenty of loot chests that buy you super-powerful cards for your deck!

Check out Outcast Odyssey on iTunes or Google Play store and share your impressions in the comments below and check PocketMeta for the review next week!