Apple TV set development delayed in favor of mobile devices


Rumors earlier this month, said Apple intended to start selling 65 and 55 inch Ultra-HD television sets with 4k resolution sometime during the second half of 2014. Now, it seems Apple is focusing more on developing new models for mobile devices.

According to¬†DisplaySearch, Apple’s change of heart might be caused by the difficulties they would have to overcome in order to generate high sales profits from an “iTV” product type. Mobile devices have a 2-3 years average replacement cycle, compared with TVs that fall in the 7-8 years range. Also, Apple’s iPhones and iPads generate solid profits derived from apps and content purchases, which may be one of the main reasons of Apple putting their TV set plans on hold.

Competition would be another culprit, since attracting market shares from top smart TV producers like Vizio and Samsung, would require innovation on multiple levels. Apple would have to find a way so their customers could benefit from modular upgrades and exclusive content so their TV products could become more attractive than the competitor’s offers. It’s true we won’t be seeing the “iTV” concept turn into reality very soon, but it’s pretty sure next year we’ll enjoy the curved screen iPhones.