Putin Rides A Bear In Wrath of Obama, Out On Android



Wrath of Obama [Android] $1.29

Developer: Ankaar Productions
Genre: Action

Not for the easily-offended, says the sub-heading of Ankaar Productions, an indie developer that dedicates his production efforts to making games equivalent to the latest Adam Sandler movies – kinda dumb, not very funny, quite vulgar, but will do for just once, when you have a fridge full of beer and a couple of friends to share the giggles.


Wrath of Obama is a spectacular load of TV-induced stereotypes topped with a thick coat of Charlie Hebdo attitude – if that sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to spend a buck and 30 cents on this action game, which is quite shallow on the gameplay side. Here is the deal.

The game’s strongest part is its depiction of Obama. He is the good guy and you can only choose to play as him. At this point, the monkey in me says why, if we can play as Darth Vader in Star Wars, or the King Pig in Angry Birds, why then can’t we play as Putin? There are plenty of folks who like to choose the dark side, you know.

Obama is clad in armor and rides a hellishly scary horse. His hand holds a formidably oversized gun. Putin rides a huge killer bear, and even though his depiction looks spectacular on the screenshots, his character is quite poorly rendered sound-wise – Niet and a few other Russian-sounding gibberish lines sound irritating, not because they sound Russian, but because they sound like nonsense in a loop, which chips away from the “fun” part. I’d rather have him speak bad English with a heavy Russian accent, but in comprehensible manner.


The president of the drones decides to deal with Putin on his own and pilots a big plane to bomb the heck out of Moscow. At this point, the monkey in me wonders if indeed there was such a plane with heavy weapons aboard, how close to Moscow could it possibly have gotten before it would have been taken down by the Russians. Then I think I’d rather not know because if this ever happens, we’d probably not live to see the next day. You see, I just scrolled through some images of the military parade in Moscow, and turns out they have the mobile nukes. No, they’re not in Putin’s mobile phone. They’re enormous and heavy, but they’re vehicles with the nuclear bombs aboard. Do we have something to counter that?

Consisting of 10 levels and two modes, the game first throws you in the middle of air combat bullet-hell-shooter-style. Next up is the face-off Obama vs Putin, both backed by a slew of soldiers, reporters and various minions. You get to punch the Russian president in the face and make him flee the battlefield when he gets outnumbered.


However, hold your breath, the game throws in a plot twist that will make the two world leaders unite in the face of the greater evil. The winter is coming, as they say in GoT, and it makes perfect sense the undead rise in the North – Lenin comes back from hell, bringing hordes of zombie communists and a devilish plan to take over the world.

The two rivals have to join their forces to combat Lenin and the evil zombies clad in the Soviet Army uniform. So, the last two levels you’ll be doing that – uniting the peoples of this planet to defeat the zombies.


The battles take place in Moscow, New York and some locations in the Ukraine. Obviously, it’s an opportunist plot, and unfortunately lots of people can get offended – if they find out about the game. The moral side of the story aside (the demonization of the Russians is akin to wartime propaganda), the gameplay is quite mediocre.


Here is the bottom line – don’t expect to shed a tear for the world peace or the friendship, democracy or the long deceased bird of freedom that starved to death in the cage some place in the Oval Office. If anything, Obama is good at starring in dumb commercials, and not piloting a fighter jet. Hence, the game is a compilation of currently trending CNN clichés wrapped in relatively good graphics, but short and mediocre gameplay. It is up to you to decide whether it’s worth the purchase, or not. I have a few friends who enjoy the kind of dark humor and frown whenever I start criticizing and moralizing. On the flip side, I know people who don’t know and couldn’t care less about who Lenin and the communists were  – they’ll just think it’s the Russian breed of zombies. If that’s you – go ahead and get the game, it’s available on Android.

The final question from the yawning monkey in me asks if, anyhow, this game might violate Google Play terms for racial (ghettoman unit) and hate speech, and such?

The developer seems to have a knack on ridiculing the devil, or his victims, because he has another game about Hitler on Google Play dubbed Fuhrer in LA. Watch the trailer for the Wrath of Obama: