How To: Recover recently deleted photos and videos from your iOS 8 device


iOS Delete Photo

Accidentally deleting that one picture that you use to have fun with your significant other (see: blackmail) is extremely disappointing. If you do not use cloud backup or know your way around command line tools on your jailbroken device, you are probably going to have to pay for a recovery service or say goodbye to the photo forever.

If you are using iOS 8, however, you should not lose hope just yet. Apple has taken some cues from desktop platforms where deleting things is not always the end of the world and has implemented a system that will store your deleted photos and videos for a while before banishing them to oblivion.

How to recover recently deleted pictures and videos in your iPhone/iPad

Recently Deleted iOS 8

1. Open the Photos app.
2. Open the Albums page.
3. The last album on the list should be “Recently Deleted”. Open it.
4. Tap on the picture/s or video/s that you accidentally deleted. Select as many as you like.
5. Tap on the Recover option at the bottom.

Done! Your photo or video will now be restored to its original location so go over there and search for it.

How to permanently delete photos and videos

Since photos and videos that you delete now move to the Recently Deleted album by default, you might not have hidden the evidence as well as you thought. What you need to do in order to completely remove the files from any visible department of your device is to go to the Recently Deleted album and delete the photos from there. You might think that this is a chore but you will be glad the feature exists when you accidentally delete your favorite photo or video. Although I am sure some of you would appreciate it, there is no way to disable the folder as of yet.