Replace your Plants and Zombies with Trolls and Vikings


Developers over at Megapop are taking a clever spin on the popular Plants vs Zombies franchise, and going with a more barbaric theme. This game, appropriately titled Trolls vs Vikings, will feature a similar playing field as Plants vs Zombies, the tightly packed area with evenly marked squares. Fortunately, Trolls vs Vikings promises to offer tons of unique features, and doesn’t sound like it will just be a complete re-branding of the same games you’ve already played. Even more specifically, the developers have stated the game will feature things like move-able units, intense boss battles, social integration, dynamic tiles, and much more.

Just a few days ago a release date for this game was officially announced, and players will be able to experience Trolls vs Vikings on iOS February 26th. Sadly, Android users won’t have access to the game, but it is expected that there will be an Android and even browser version released later this year, possibly around Summer. There will be a variety of game modes and difficulty levels to choose from, making the experience enjoyable for all types of players. In total, there’s estimated to be around 30+ hours of game-play to go through, and regular updates with additional content as well.


About the Developer

Megapop definitely hopes that the release of Trolls vs Vikings will be a successful one, as they’ve certainly devoted a lot of time and resources to the project. This game will be packed with good content and things to do, the only question is, will it take off with the general population. The developers have actually worked with very established companies, and were even a part of Funcom years ago. They’ve worked on games like Anarchy online, Age of Conan, and other popular titles, so even though they’re a new name in the mobile gaming industry, doesn’t mean they’re in-experienced.

Once the game has been released, Megapop looks to continue work on it’s other upcoming project, Transit Wars — there’s really no information available about this game at the moment, but we’ll keep you informed. It will be interesting to see if people respond positively to a game so closely similar to Plants vs Zombies, especially since it’s been years since the release of that game. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on Trolls vs Vikings, and if you plan to play it when it comes out. Post below!