Sale Alert: 10 Awesome iOS Games [May, 08]


Machinarium $2.99, was $4.99


You can check out our review of Machinarium here. This epic title has won millions of hearts of both iOS and Android gamers with its unique story, meticulously detailed visual graphics, which is also hand-drawn, and challenging gameplay. Please note, this is an iPad game, which won’t be quite as impressive on smaller screens because a lot of the details you would need to collect are tiny. Retina graphics and iCloud achievements storing are only some of the great features.

This highly addictive, challenging, and forgiving puzzler fascinates users of all ages with cuteness and highly compelling story, accompanied by original electronic soundtrack. You will be solving riddles, giggling, pausing just to take a look at the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the original soundtrack. Machinarium is so much more than just a riddle game – it is an entire adventure of a robot making its way through futuristic city, solving secrets, helping friends and unraveling the ultimate mystery.

The game is highly acclaimed and holds numerous titles, including The Best Indie Game for PCs and Macs in 2009. Amanita Design is a top developer with a slew of stellar entries both on iTunes and Google Play.

Secret of the Pendulum Free, was $4.99

secret of the pendulum

Secret of the Pendulum is a great hidden objects game incorporating elements of an engrossing adventure and mysterious secrets set in a dreadful nightly environment. You are Madison, a girl whose sister got murdered at the Museum of Anthropology. You follow the clues at the crime scene to discover a glowing amulet inside your sister’s apartment, where you also meet a shadow-cloaked intruder.

You will guide Madison and her deceased sister though a dreadful journey for their lives, unrevealing the mystery of time travel to change the past, present and future, solving the secret of the glowing amulet called the Pendulum.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic $3.99, was $9.99

star wars

Praised as one of the best classic RPG games bearing the Star Wars brand, Kotor’s Knight of the Old Republic supports MFi controllers, MOGA Ace Power, Logitech Powershell and Stratus, cross-device gaming that saves to iCloud and a lot of languages.

As usual, you are the last hope of Jedis in their fight against Sith. You will have to master the power of the force, save the Republic and stand against the temptation of the dark side. The game is abundant in great aircrafts, spectacular planets, weird creatures and tons of power ups and things you can build, including your own Lightsaber.

Iconic locations you will have to travel through on your own starship Ebon Hawk include Kashyyk and Tatooine, where you will meet Droids, Wookies and Twi’leks.

Bardbarian Free, was $.99


You can read our review of Bardbarian here. Bardbarian is a fun and addictive mobile game, which combines a lot of popular genres in a fast-paced, original gameplay and brilliantly constructed fantasy world. Bard is awoken again by his people trying to save their village from the siege. However, Brad is fed up with fighting, and he uses the magical power of music to defeat his enemies.

You get to use the magical music instrument axe-lute to summon your friends and fight the enemies together. You get to prevent the villains from destroying your hometown, collect crystals and loot, survive waves of attacks and unlock new friends.

You will be able to upgrade Brad, his followers and the town itself via over 75 different upgradable items and unlockable units.

There are 3 modes – Story, Endless and Survival, filled with fun and fast-paced gameplay that will keep you glued to your device for hours on end until you win them all.

10000000 $.99, was $2.99


This is a highly impressive RPG dungeon crawler where you will have to match objects to run through the creepy dungeon and reach 10000000 score. The game is a highly acclaimed title that’s reaped handful of awards in 2012, including the Best Puzzle Game, the Best Touch Arcade and The Best Mobile Exclusive.

A desperately addictive RPG will get you lingering before you win the final battle. You get to slay monsters and collect gemstones, building your Castle with over 60 goals to complete, and over 2 dozen of scary monsters to fight, you will find yourself sweating with adrenaline through this fast-paced classic dungeon crawler matcher.

Tales from the Dragon Mountain: the Strix HD (Full) Free, was $2.99

Tales from the dragon mountain

Some of the best deals are those that offer paid games for free, so this title is one of the most lucrative offers this week. A young girl is haunted by nightmares about her grandmother burning in her own house, so the girl takes a trip to her family estate endeavoring on the greatest adventure of a lifetime. You get to play as the girl wandering along the family house, solving mysterious puzzles and interacting with weird creatures to defeat the ultimate evil called Strix.

This hidden object puzzler sports 32 unique fantasy locations, 21 puzzles and 10 mythical creatures packed into 6 mysterious chapters meticulously performed via amazing graphics and engrossing soundtrack.

Sword of the Fargoal Free, was $1.99

sowrd of fargoal

This is another great offer of a paid game gone free for a limited time. This RPG dungeon crawler is an adventure game, offering random map generation, so each time you play, it’s different. You get to complete the quest and rescue the mysterious sword hidden deep beneath the ground and survive before the creepy dungeon collapses.

The game supports over 20 dungeon levels and about 3 dozen monster types, each with their weapons, spells and special abilities. Each game has about 100 unique dungeon maps, so that every time you play, you never know where the hidden traps and treasures are. You get to collect potions, spells and gold, meticulously crafted in this pinch-to-zoom interface, so whenever you need to zoom to focus on the objects and actions at hand, you can easily twist and turn to score higher and complete each level.

A typical roguelike, Sword of the Fargoal is more accessible than many dungeon crawlers, thanks to a wealth of power ups, spells and intuitive controls.

Blek $.99, was $2.99


This title comes with a limited time offer and is featured by Apple as one of the best new games, scoring top ratings in more than 15 countries. The New York Times brands this game as a unique blend of imagination and personality, “perfect representation of touch screen slate.” Whatever you draw on-screen starts moving, so you find yourself creating beautiful live creatures.

Your goal is to draw a line along colored circles, avoiding black spots, so there are basically no specific controls you need to master. There is a multitude of solutions to a single challenge that vary from straightforward and simple to exceptionally complex, but always sophisticated. By all means, this is an intellectual game, unique in its nature and experience.

The game features 60 clever levels in a meticulously designed environment. This title scored the Best Mobile Game award at the Casual Connect Europe, Excellence in Innovation and Best Game award at Content Award Vienna and International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Minigore Free, was $.99


You get to play as John Gore trying to survive the attack of horrendous furries in the dark underworld of Hardland. This intense arcade game features intuitive controls and beautiful visuals packed into a very addictive shooter, so grab the deal while it’s free. You won’t regret it; I promise.

Roll: Boulder Smash! Free, was $.99

Roll boulder smash

This is yet another great offer of a paid game gone free featuring one of the quickest rocks you will ever see. As you roll it, you destroy your enemies as much as everything else in your way creating chaos and smashing aliens, zombies, cowboys and Vikings. You get 3 unique beautifully drawn worlds filled with hilarious characters, packed in the challenges testing your skills and accuracy. There are 9 exciting storylines to follow and over 70 achievements to score. By all means, you won’t be bored if you give this hilarious smasher a try.

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