Sale Alert: iOS Apps and Games (September 13)



iosUSB Sharp Pro Now $1.99, Normally $2.99

By ujweng

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could just turn your iOS device into a convenient to use, large capacity, portable and wireless storage disk? If you answered yes, I have some good news for you – You totally can now, all you need is this app. It comes with a whole host of features that will definitely take your device to the next level. It’s also well worth the price, so get the deal while it’s still available.


iPanic Now $2.99, Normally $4.99

By Dott.ssa Serena D’alessandro

If you or someone you know suffers from panic attacks or other anxiety disorders, this app might be able to help you better understand and cope with them. The idea here is that if you can better understand exactly why you (or the person you know with the disorder) feel(s) the way you (they) do, you’ll be better able to cope with everything that you’re going through. Panic attacks are a lot more common than you might think – If you’re a sufferer of them yourself, this app is definitely worth the small investment (you can’t put a price on peace and happiness).


iProtect Pro for iOS 7 Now $1.99, Normally $4.99

By GiaLinhsoft

If you want to be able to keep some things a secret on your phone even when you let someone use or borrow it, this is the app you need – It allows you to store all of the things that you want to keep private within the application in a password protected environment so that even if you let someone borrow your phone, they won’t be able to see everything that’s on it. Rest easy knowing that all of your personal information is kept secure – Download this app while it’s still on sale.


TimeTracker – Time Sheet Now $1.99, Normally $2.99

By Silverware Software, LLC

Are you a subcontractor or do you work in a job that requires you to keep track of your own start, end, and break times? If you answered yes and you’re sick of losing all those scrap pieces of paper or luggng a notebook around with you everywhere you go, you might want to consider downloading this app onto your iOS device – It can be easily filled out and then emailed or exported to excel for convenient sending and/or printing, and is a definite must have for anyone that needs to keep track of their times for anything.


aTimeLogger 2 Now $0.99, Normally $2.99


Have you ever wondered exactly how much time you spend shopping or commuting back and forth to your job? If you answered yes, you might want to seriously consider downloading this app onto your iOS device – It allows you to track all or any part of your day that you’d like, it’s incredibly easy to use, and it can be fun to find out just what you’re up to on a weekly or monthly basis. Get it while it’s still less than a dollar.


Celebrity Quiz Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Ingenious Technology

Are you one of those people that buys magazines just to do the quizzes in them or are you looking for something to have on your iOS device to help pass the time when you’re stuck in the waiting room at your doctor’s office or waiting for the bus? Then this is definitely an app you’ll want to have – It quizzes you on celebrity news, scandals, and fun facts – Both old and new alike. It costs less than a cup of coffee, so get it today.


ChangeIT Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Richard Prandini

If you’re someone that trades stocks or you’ve been considering getting into it recently, you might find this app to be really handy – It’s a handy currency converter that also allows you to build and keep track of your Forex profile. It comes with all the money managing tools you need and it’s currently available for free, so get this great deal while you still can.


Sound 8 Now $1.99, Normally $4.99

By Oliver Grimm

This is an app that can turn your iOS device into an eight track sound looper that you can control via touch. The app shows the sounds as circles that dance across your device’s screen edges and can even be suspended in zero gravity. It comes equipped with eight included sounds, but if you want more than that it allows you to import your own sounds as well. Definitely worth the two dollar price tag – Get it for that great price while you still can.



ios8NinjaFrog Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Vortexsoft

This is a fun puzzle game that’s easy to get the hang of playing, but harder to beat than you initially think it’s going to be. It features 100 maze levels to work your way through by sliding, jumping, and moving exactly the right way in an effort to beat the game. The graphics aren’t that great, but since the game is currently being offered for free it’s definitely worth a shot if you’ve been looking for something new to occupy your time.


Chess Academy for Kids by Geek Kids Now FREE, Normally $4.99

By Next is Great

Do you have a child that’s interested in learning all about the game of chess but you lack the time (and/or skill) to be able to teach them properly? If you answered yes, this app could definitely be handy for you – It comes equipped with 140 tutorials and challenges for them to play through, comes with a rewarding progress tracker, and wad created with children in mind. So if you have a little one that wants to learn to play chess, you should definitely download and install this game on your IOS device while it’s still free.


Flappy Brave Bob Now FREE, Normally $3.99


This is a great app to have on hand if you ever get stuck somewhere for an extended period time. It’s a fun little jumping game that’s super easy to play and can become a real time eater in no time. The graphics are actually pretty good, the music is decent, and the constant jumping is actually a lot more fun than it sounds like it’s going to be. It’s not going to be on sale forever, so get it before the price goes back up.


Quantum Legacy Now $9.99, Normally $14.99

By Miles Godspeed

This is an exceptionally fun to play RPG style game that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. There are tons of weapons and shields to unlock, amazing HD graphics, over 40 minutes of completely original music, and a whole lot more. What I especially love about this game is the dynamic difficulty – The enemies constantly adapt to your style of gameplay each time you replay an existing mission. If you like RPG games, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by this one.


RPG Destiny Fantasia Now $0.99, Normally $7.99

By Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

This is a great RPG game that allows you to be in charge of saving the world! There are over 20 hours of gameplay to work your way through, a ton of side quests to complete, a laundry list of upgrades, and a whole lot more. It’s an absolutely fantastic deal at 88% off, so if you like RPG games and you’ve been looking for a new one to occupy your time, you should seriously consider downloading this one before the price goes back up.


RPG Infinite Dunamis Now $0.99, Normally $7.99

By Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.

This is an RPG game that offers you an incredibly unique storyline to work your way through – One of man, magic, and machines! You’ll absolutely love playing through the many different quests, customizing your character as much as you’d like along the way. The controls run smoothly, the graphics are great, and the game’s definitely a lot of fun to play, so if you enjoy these types of games and want to try out something new, get this one for less than a dollar and give it a shot.


Hack RUN Now $1.99, Normally $2.99

By i273, LLC

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hacker? If you answered yes, this might be a game that you’d want to try out – It lets you hack into the hearts of mysterious organizations and uncover their secrets using old school command prompts (like DOS or UNIX). It’s a brilliant, unique, and innovative game that’s a ton of fun to play. It’s definitely worth the small price tag – Download it while it’s still on sale.


Beach Games Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Donut Games

Missing all of the fun summer games you’ve gotten to play for the last few months already? While it seems like a lifetime before you’ll be able to hit the beach with your friends again, you can at least bring five of your favourite beach games to your iOS device – This game comes with Frisbee, balloon throwing, roller skating, water skiing, and hang gliding. Challenge your friends or just try to beat your own records – Either way it’s well worth downloading the game for free.