Sale Alert: iOS Apps and Games (September 18)



iosPhotoMarks – Watermark Photos Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Bits&Coffee

Are you someone that enjoys taking pictures and putting them up on the internet but you don’t want people to steal them and use them without you knowing about it? If your answer to that question was yes, then you’ll definitely want to install this app on your phone – It allows you to add completely customizable text and logo marks on any (or all) of your pictures. It’s the perfect app for anyone that feels they should know exactly what for and where their photos are being used.


ETA – Your GPS Driving Assistant for Travel Times and Directions Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Eastwood

This is probably one of the better GPS apps I’ve ever used – It’s an elegant app that gives your step by step voice directions and displays the time that you’ll arrive wherever you’re going. It makes saving your locations incredibly easy, the design is incredibly simple yet top notch at the same time, and is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone that finds themselves on the road a lot of the time. If you travel regularly, you should definitely consider putting this app on your iOS device(s).


TextGrabber + Translator: Recognize, Translate, and Save Your Text Now $6.99, Normally $14.99


Have you ever found an article or recipe that looked really interesting online, but when you went to check it out it was in another language? This app offers a way to let you get the jist of what you’d like to view – It allows you to copy, translate, and/or save any printed text you need with just a couple of taps on your screen. You can translate to over 40 different languages, but keep in mind that if you need full accuracy (like if you’re a student), you’ll probably need to find something a little more expensive and effective.


1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet Now FREE, Normally $9.99

By AgileBits Inc.

If you’re someone that tends to use the same password for all of your online accounts, you probably already know that your security could be in serious danger if any one of them was ever hacked into. This app solves your problem – It keeps all of your vital information in one incredibly secure vault and can even generate unique passwords for you (and remember them so that you don’t have to). Every iOS user should have and use this app.


Spelling Teacher School Edition Now $3.99, Normally $9.99

By FormSoft Group, Ltd.

If you have a child (or if you teach children) in between kindergarten and grade 6 and you’d like to give them an extra helping hand when it comes to spelling, this is an app that you’ll definitely want to consider installing on one or all of your iOS devices – Your child(ren) can work their way through 210 different spelling lists or customize their own to practise with. All kids will definitely have fun while learning with this game.


Shopping Riviera Maya Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Jorge Ludlow

Planning to take a trip to Riviera Maya in the next little while? If you are, you’ll definitely want to download this app to your phone, iPad, or IPod touch before you go – You’ll definitely be doing some shopping while you’re there, so why not bring a local along with you? With this app you can. It’s a comprehensive list of the ten best places to shop (according to the locals) as well as a ton of handy information about each place. Travel with style – Get this app while it’s still free.


Tube Facilities Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Adrian Moorhouse

This app isn’t going to do you any good at all unless you live in London, but I thought that it was definitely worth a mention – It allows you to take a comprehensive list of information for over 200 tube stations with you everywhere you go. If you live in London and you take the tube on a regular basis, you should definitely download and install this app on your iOS device while it’s still FREE – It’s not going to get any cheaper.


Bismark MagicBoard Now $1.99, Normally $2.99

By Shun Murabayashi

Remember how much fun you had playing with your Etch-a-Sketch as a kid? Now you can bring all of that fun right to all of your iOS devices! Except the fun has been stepped up a notch – Now you can choose from 14 different coloured pencils! The images you draw can easily be saved to your library as well. Relive the fun you had all those years ago by downloading this app today.



ios8Hi Guess the Wrestling Star Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Man Zhang

If you enjoy watching wrestling and you think you’d be able to pick out just about any wrestler and know who it is instantly, this is the game for you. There are hundreds of different wrestlers to sort through, constant updates to keep you entertained, and a whole lot more. Download this game for free today, gather all of your friends together and see who really has the most knowledge when it comes to wrestling.


Wake Up Mr. Moore! Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By The Moonwalls

Mr. Moore is constantly late for work and blames his pesky alarm clock. In this game you’ll get to play the best watchmaker in town – You’ll be living under his bed armed with nothing but spare gears and parts for that alarm clock, and you’ll be responsible for making sure that it’s in good working order and that Mr. Moore gets up and heads off to work on time. There are tons of levels to work through, intuitive controls that will help guide you easily, and graphics/audio you could write home about. Get it before the price goes back up.


I.Q. Test® Now FREE, Normally $2.99

By Santiago Romani Castroman

Have you ever gotten into an “I’m smarter than you are” argument with a family member or friend? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to prove once and for all who really has the highest I.Q.? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, you’ll definitely want to install this game on one or all of your iOS devices. The results are meant for entertainment purposes only, but all entertainment is based on good reality, so it’s definitely worth a try.


1112 Episode 01 Now FREE, Normally $4.99

By Agharta Studio

If you’re looking for a new game with a unique twist of thought, you’ll definitely want to get this game installed on your device while it’s on sale – You’ll get to take a journey through the mysterious storyline, discovering along the way why your character is experiencing constant headaches and incredibly strage dreams. There are 15 larger than life environments, 8 different characters, and hours of fun gameplay to be had. It’s definitely one of the most unique games I’ve played in a while, and I definitely recommend that you download and install it while it’s still on sale.


Epic War TD Pro Now FREE, Normally $2.99

By AMT Games

If you enjoy playing tower defense games and you’ve been looking for a new one to help you pass the time on rainy days and/or when you get stuck somewhere, this might just be the game for you. It’s rated as the number one strategy game in more than 50 countries worldwide and has more than 2 500 000 people playing it – Become one of them today by downloading this app to your device before it’s no longer on sale.


Real Steel Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd

If you’re someone that enjoyed the hit Dreamworks movie and you’d like to bring all of that robot fighting magic to your fingertips in a fun and easy to play game, you’ve found exactly what you need with this game. You’ll get to choose your fighter from a list of 33 robots (as well as 8 special edition ones once they’re unlocked), fight in five different modes, build your own customized robot to fight with, and a whole lot more. It’s a ton of fun to play and should definitely be downloaded by anyone that likes fighting and/or robot games.


Fieldrunners 2 Now FREE, Normally $2.99

By Subatomic Studios, LLC

If you’re someone that enjoys playing tower defense games, you’re definitely going to want to download and install this one on one or all of your iOS devices because it’s absolutely hands down the best of the best. The graphics are stunning, the audio is great, and the game itself is super addicting. You certainly can’t beat the price, so if you like playing tower defense games to pass the time, you should definitely get this one while it’s still free.


From Cheese Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By SpinVector S.p.A.

You’ve seen the games where you’re responsible for guiding the mouse to the cheese, right? Well this game puts a fun twist on that concept, Instead of being responsible for the mouse, you’ll be responsible for the cheese smell creating a seamless scent path for the mouse to follow. There are 48 levels to conquer and house of fun to have – Download it today while it still costs less than a dollar to see for yourself.