Sale Alert: iOS Apps and Games (September 23)



iosMath 2 Guide Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By phoneflips

If you have a little one at home that (or if you yourself) struggles with math, you’re probably doing everything you can to help them out. This is an app that you should seriously think about incorporating into your tools – It gives you a quick and handy reference to more than 400 fundamental math tools and a whole lot more to keep you sharp. It’s used by teachers and students alike and should definitely be installed on your iOS device if you’re not that good at math.


Asian Health Now $0.99, Normally $3.99

By Boxyz, Inc.

If you’ve heard anything about acupressure, you know that there’s a way to cure just about everything by simply massaging a part of your body and stimulating the nerves. If you’d like to have an app on your device that teaches you all about acupressure, this is one of the best ones available on iTunes. It covers a whole bunch of different ailments and is available in a few different languages. If you’ve ever been curious about acupressure, now’s the time to fulfill that curiosity – Download this app today.

ios2Leadership Lite Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Benjamin Holfeld

When it comes to being a leader, it can be easy to lose track of your goal or feel like you’re a failure when all you’re doing in actuality is experiencing a bad day. If you could use a little positive reinforcement now and then, you should definitely install this app on your iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch – It comes with all kinds of important quotes and knowledge that’s been taken strait from MBA classes on how to become a successful leader. Anyone that wants some personal inspiration should get this app while it’s still free.


Pool School Now $0.99, Normally $2.99

By Matt Hill

Learning (or teaching someone) to play pool? If you answered yes, this app might come in super handy to you – It comes equipped with 16 crucial shots diagrams and 6 practise drill diagrams that can help you perfect your skills. Obviously practice makes perfect, but it’s a lot easier to do when you have a general idea of what you should be practicing. Everyone that plays (or wants to play) pool should download this app before the price goes back up.


Task Alpha Now $1.99, Normally $3.99

By Beta Decay Software Inc

If you’re someone that has trouble keeping track of all you need to get accomplished in a day and you think your life would be made a whole lot easier if you could carry a to do list and task manager on your phone – Good news! Now you can, and the entire app will cost you less than a coffee does at some places. It’s the perfect app for anyone that needs a little help staying organized and should definitely be downloaded while it’s still on sale.


Bass Notes For Beginners – HD Now $0.99, Normally $3.99

By Patrick Mcguirk

Are you learning to (or do you want to learn to) play the bass guitar? If so, this is definitely a must have app for you – It allows you a super easy access way to learn all about the bass fretboard – Simply select a string and as you move up the fretboard the app will show you the name of the note being played. It’s perfect for all beginner or those that only ever learned to play by tab. If you think you could use this app you should definitely download it while it still costs less than a dollar.


Ultimate Attraction Secrets Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Asif Khalyani

If you’re a guy that’s looking for love but just can’t seem to find success no matter what you do, you might want to consider giving this book a read – It’s filled with 25 educational chapters (and a disclaimer for good measure) that are sure to turn you into a stud in no time. Word to the wise – Use your own common sense and judgement when reading this book, I promise you that no woman wants to be cat called nor does she want you to smell like you bathed in cologne.


PhotosShare Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By MarkelSoft, Inc.

This is a handy and useful app that allows you to easily share photos and videos between all of your iOS devices – No network required! You can also upload them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and/or send them in an email if you’d like. It’s super easy to use and definitely handy to have if you enjoy sharing your photos and videos with your friends. If you share lots of media, you should definitely download this app while it’s still free.



ios8Sleepy Sheep’s Color Adventure Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Zombie Proof Studios

This is an adorable little game that will surely keep your kids entertained whenever they complain that they’re bored – They’ll have to catch all of the special coloured escaped sheep before it gets dark out. To make things more challenging, they’ll also have to watch out for the mean old wolf and the sneaky pigs – Both of which will steal the sheep! While you’ll download the game for your kids, you’ll probably end up playing it a lot yourself too. It’s definitely worth the dollar, so get it today.


Music Quiz Game Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By ege arge

Think you know your music history? Then download this app, gather all of your friends and/or family together, and prove it! This quiz will test you on a variety of different music genres – new and old – and is sure to teach you at least a couple of things that you didn’t know. This is a game that could definitely come in handy at the next party you attend – It won’t be free forever, so get it while it’s still on sale.


Roll Toomers Corner® Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By B.S. Technologies LLC

If you’re unfamiliar with Toomers Corner, here’s a(n incredibly basic) rundown – It’s a place where the trees get absolutely covered in toilet paper anytime that there’s a cause for celebration. Naturally then, this game allows you to toilet paper the crap out of some trees (no pun intended). It’s a good time passing game, and it’s certainly a lot more ecofriendly than the alternative – If you’re looking for something to kill time, this might just be the game for you. Download it before the price goes back up.


I 3D Fishing Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By oinf

This is definitely one of the better fishing games I’ve played in a while; if you’re someone that enjoys fishing and/or playing fishing games, this is definitely one that you should seriously consider downloading – You get to explore the lake, cast your lure anywhere you want to (no fixed picture on the background) and find out how the fish actually react to your fishing method. Kids and adults alike could easily waste hours playing this game – Get it while it still costs less than a dollar and test your fishing skill today.


Manate! Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Hen Soup Studios

Winter is coming, and we’re not the only ones that want to be ready for it – In this game you’ll help to help the manatee fill up with kelp before the cold season hits and there’s no food left. There are more than 60 action packed levels to work your way through and a ton of fun is yet to be had. While I wouldn’t necessarily pay money for this game, it’s definitely a good free time passer.


Zombie Pigs Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Mihai Draghici

Remember the swine flu outbreak of 2009? Well the idea behind this game is that the virus has mutated and the Zombie pigs were born. The pigs have started to invade the suburbs and are infecting people left, right, and center with the deadly virus – You’re humanity’s last hope for survival! Will you be able to escape the pigs or will they infect you too? The only way to know for sure is if you download and install this free game onto your iOS device today.


Kill The Boss Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Giedrius Talzunas

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a game, but it’s actually a lot of fun – Simply set up a photo of anyone you happen to not be happy with as the target and start shooting them with rockets. At the end of each level you’ll receive coins which you can use to either upgrade the gun that you’re using or get a new one altogether. It’s a great little game for helping you get your frustrations with someone out without actually having to hurt anyone’s feelings. Who couldn’t use free aggression therapy – Get this game today.


ios15Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 1 Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Lucid Games

I think this might be one of those games that could be enjoyed by just about everyone – You’ll get to explore a stunning 3D world and play challenging interactive puzzles that are sure to keep you occupied for hours. It’s an incredibly original storyline with all kinds of weird and wonderful characters to interact with. Definitely worth the dollar, so get it before the price goes back up.