Sale Alert: Windows Phone Apps and Games (September 13)



winGPS Voice Navigation Now $3.49, Normally $6.99


If you’re someone that delivers for a living or you enjoy taking adventures with your family regularly, you might want to seriously consider installing this app on your Windows Phone – It gives you voice directions for wherever you’re going (using Google Maps, Bing Maps, or MapQuest) so that you can focus your attention on the road instead of on your phone. It can even help you save up to 50% on your battery life! If you do a lot of travelling, you should definitely get this app before the price goes back up.


NoteBot Pro Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By erickfiveten

Seriously – If you have a Windows Phone, you absolutely need to have this app installed on it no matter who you are – It allows you to take complete and total control of your notepad! The voice dictation is incredible, there are a ton of custom fonts, background themes, colours, buttons, and more to ensure that your robot powered note taking application has just as much personality as you do, it’s super easy to use, and it saves you a ton of time. Get it before the price goes back up.


Reading Trainer Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By HeKu IT GmbH

Are you one of those people that just can’t seem to retain things you read, no matter how hard you try? If you answered yes, this is definitely the next app you need to install on your phone – It helps improve your reading speed and retention rate with 12 different fun and challenging exercises. If you get distracted easily when reading or can’t retain information minutes after taking it in, spend the dollar and get this app today.


Pregnancy Calendar Pro Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Infraweb Web Agency

Regardless of whether you just learned that you’re expecting or you’re in your third trimester, this is a cute and handy little app that you might want to consider installing on your phone – It allows you to track every little detail of your pregnancy, lets you view statistical information about both you and your baby, and is available in five different languages. If you’re pregnant, you should definitely install this app before the price goes back up.


Photo Editor+ Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Tap Plex

I know I’ve posted about this one before, but it’s a great deal and it’s certainly not going to remain free forever. This is definitely the app you want to have on your phone if you take a lot of pictures and you want to be able to add your own touch of flair to them. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned photographer or you’ve never worked with editing software in your life, you’ll be producing high quality edited photos in no time at all! Get it today for free while you still can.


Pets 4 Sale Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Kenga

Have you been thinking that it’s time to add a new furry family member to your household? This is an app that can definitely help you out with that – You can search for pets either within a certain country or city or you can search locally (within 200 miles of where you are). The app covers five different companies and will definitely prove handy to anyone that’s been looking to add a family pet to their household – Get it today while it’s still free and start searching today!


Sales 101 Now $1.99, Normally $3.99

By WAGmob

Are you just beginning a career in sales? If you answered yes, you might want to seriously consider downloading and installing this handy app on your Windows phone – It’s a handy toolbox that will help you learn the basics of the art of selling and then quiz you on what you’ve learned to see if the knowledge is sticking. This app will educate you on tons of handy subjects that could take you years to learn of your own, and could definitely help you step up your game. Spending two dollars now gets you free updated for like, so get the app while it’s still on sale.

WIN7ERPLY POS (Point of Sale) Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Point of Sale Inc.

If you have a small or medium sized business and you’ve been looking thinking about purchasing a POS software for it, you might want to hold off and try this out first – it allow you to take your POS mobile if you’d like and is actually pretty easy to use. If you go to a lot of trade shows or do a lot of door to door selling, this is definitely the app for you – Get it today before the price goes back up.



win8Plants vs. Zombies Now $1.99, Normally $3.99

By Electronic Arts

This is definitely a game that you’re going to want to have installed on your phone for a rainy day or for when you get stuck having to pass the time – A mob of fun loving zombies is trying to invade your home, and the only this you have to defend yourself is your arsenal of plants! There are fifty fun filled levels to conquer, 4 game modes to play, and a whole lot of fun to be had – Download it today, I assure that you won’t regret it.


Plight of the Zombie Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Spark Plug Games

If you’re sick and tired of all the games that put the zombies on the bad side of the fence and you’d prefer to play something that lets you get in touch with your inner zombie, this is definitely the game for you – You’ll help end zombie hunger by eating yummy brains, get to buy a bunch of fun accessories, and work your way through 50 different brainy puzzles. It’s definitely different, but it’s a lot of fun to play – Get it while it still costs less than a dollar.


Dungeon Stalker 2 Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Pansoft

This is a game that puts you smack dab in the middle of a 3D world full of dungeons, monsters, and other devious characters. The world is filled with tons of magic places, but only the strongest will survive – Are you one of them? You can find out for less than a dollar. There are tons of different levels to work your way through, hundreds of weapons to fight with, and a whole lot more. Will you be able to meet and kill the overlord in order to unveil the full plot?


Xtreme Joyride Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Sterling Games Inc.

Desiring a joyride is fun and all, but common sense tells us not to do it due to the danger it poses to ourselves and others. Luckily, we can bring all the fun to our phones and take a crazy joyride safely! Whether you prefer to drive a car, truck, or SUV this game has something that you’ll enjoy (and you can even customize it). This is definitely a good time passing game – Get it while it still costs less than a cup of coffee.


New York Taxi Driver Sim 3D Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Action and Simulation Entertainment

This is a fun game to play when you have a little bit of time to invest (on a rainy day, for example). You’ll get to build your own taxi empire; maneuvering through the busy city as well as other locations, transporting your valuable customers and attempting to become the very best driver in town. The car is a little difficult to control, but it’s a fun game to play and you certainly can’t beat the price – Download it today while it’s still free.


CubiX Now $1.99, Normally $2.99

By AgeTDev

This is one of those games that’s incredibly hard to beat, yet you can’t seem to put it down or walk away from it. There are ten different levels to work your way through and any levels that are developed from here out will be available as a free update. The game is only on sale for its first week of release, so if you like hard games you’ll definitely want to install this one on your phone before the price goes back up.


Syzygy Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Trefender

In this game you’ll take on a 30 mission campaign in an effort to help save the Pluto colony that has been damaged by an asteroid. There are five different difficulty modes as well as three separate gameplay modes, a music library selection, six different control scheme variations, and more! It’ll only be 50% off for a limited time, so download it today while it’s still on sale.


Car Travel Games Now $0.99, Normally $1.99

By Authentically Digital LLC

Are you planning to take a long trip with your family sometime in the near future? If you answered yes, you’ll definitely want to consider installing this on your Windows phone – It comes equipped with a whole catalogue of car games that is sure to keep your kids entertained instead of constantly asking if you’ve reached your destination. It won’t be on sale forever, so get it while it still is.