Sale Alert: Windows Phone Apps and Games (September 18)



winAccuWeather Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By AccuWeather

If you’re someone that likes to know what the day’s going to bring before you even have to step out in it, this is definitely an app you’re going to want to have installed on your phone – It’s actually one of the best, most accurate and effective, and most aesthetically pleasing weather apps available on the market. With unlimited location storage so that you can see the weather anywhere, the ability to get minute by minute updates, and a whole lot more – This is definitely an app that every Windows phone user should install while it’s still free.


Stop+Clear Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By BlueFish

Do you use Zune to listen to music and watch videos on your Windows phone? If you answered yes, you might want to seriously consider downloading this app to it – It allows you to remove all of the history entries in the application, and also allows you to stop the music and then remove the player bar from the top of your phone’s screen. It’s an incredibly handy application that could prove to be exceptionally useful to anyone that uses Zune on a regular basis – Especially for free.


Adobe Reader Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Adobe Systems Incorporated

If you create and/or read PDF files on a regular basis, you’ll definitely want to consider having this handy and reliable app installed on your Windows phone. It comes with multi language support, OneDrive integration, and a whole lot more. The one downfall to this app is that you’re unable to rename your files with it, but if you can look past that small downfall and you read, create, and/or edit PDF documents on a regular basis, you should absolutely consider installing this app on your phone before the price goes back up.


Lumia Help + Tips Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Microsoft Mobile

If you’ve got a Lumia phone and you’d like to know exactly all that it’s capable of, you’re definitely going to want to install this app on your it before the price goes back up – It has answers to frequently asked questions, a whole bunch of support videos available to help you with any problem you’re experiencing at any given time, and a whole host of other features that will allow you to make the most of your Lumia. All Lumia carriers should definitely install this app today.


Flashlight XT Now FREE (New App)

By Elton Saul

If you work night or enjoy going camping with your family on a regular basis, you probably already carry a big bulky flashlight with you everywhere you go. This app can completely null your need for that bulky hardware by allowing you to turn your phone into a bright, LED flashlight that will light your way no matter what time it is or where you happen to be. Not only will you save yourself space, but you’ll also probably end up saving a ton of money on batteries long term when you install this app.


6snap Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Rudy Huyn

If you use snap chat on a regular basis and you’d like to bring all the fun that talking to random strangers has to offer to your Windows Phone, you’re going to absolutely love this app – It’s the first full featured snap chat app. With 6snap, you can share pictures and videos with other snap chat users, draw and add text to your pictures, manage your snap chat privacy settings, and a whole lot more. If you use snap chat, get the app before the price goes back up.


LinkedIn Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By LinkedIn

If you’re someone that does business on a regular basis and you’d like to be able to use the service no matter where you are (so long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection), you’ll definitely want to strongly consider downloading this app to your Windows Phone while it’s still free – It brings all the features of this handy service to your fingertips and allows you to conduct your business with the service regardless of where you are in the world. If you’re a regular LinkedIn user, download the app while it’s still free.


Hot Deals Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By –ck

If you’re someone that enjoys browsing,, and/or for the very latest and best deals on a regular basis, you’re going to absolutely love this app – It allows you to view all of the deals from all of those sites in one handy and convenient place. The app probably isn’t going to be on sale forever, so if you enjoy a great bargain (and if you’re using those sites you most definitely do), you’ll want download this app to your phone before the price goes back up.



win8The Color Hunter Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By centapp

This is a fun little game that takes the creativity aspect of painting and the entertainment aspect of playing a game and puts them together! If you have little ones, they’ll absolutely adore painting and discovering all of the different animals this game has to offer them. Here’s where the game aspect comes in – In order to advance to the next level while playing, they’ll have to draw at least 70% of the picture correctly. If you have little ones that like to paint, download this app today while it’s still free.


Follow the Paths Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By ViMAP Services Pvt Ltd

This is a fun and simple game in while you use your finger to make your way through various mazes. It’s incredibly simple to play yet not the easiest game in the world to master – If you take your finger off your phone or slide it outside the lines while you’re navigating your way through the maze, you’ll have to start over again. It’s a great time wasting game for a great price, so get it today while it’s still available for free.


Bus Rampage: London City Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Action and Simulation Entertainment

Have you ever wanted to drive around London? How about in a hijacked bus? If that sounds like a good time to you, you’ll definitely want to seriously consider downloading this game onto your phone while it’s still being offered at such a great price – You’ll get to play as a reckless thug that’s wanted for theft and has decided to steal a London City bus in this action game. Will you be able to make it to the end or will you get caught by the police?


Polyhegrams Now $0.99, Normally $2.99

By LateNight Apps

This game has absolutely everything you need – it’s unique, innovative, challenging, and fun to play! You’ll get to solve 3D challenges using your dexterity; there are 16 different levels and thousands of different puzzles to work your way through, the graphics are incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and you’re able to challenge your friends in a head to head match if you’d like it. It’s definitely worth the small price, so get it today while it still costs less than a dollar.


Minigun vs Zombies Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Lunagames International

If you’re someone that really enjoys playing action games, you’re going to absolutely love playing this one. The object of the game is simple – You get behind your minigun and you shoot every single zombie that happens to come across your scope. This is definitely one of those games that you want to have installed on your phone for whenever you get stuck somewhere having to pass the time. It’s not going ot be free forever, so get this great deal while it’s still available.


Happy Birds – Episode 1: Amelia Airfart Now $2.49, Normally $4.99

By Jusarg

This is a game in which you’ll get to launch your character – Amelia Airfart – into wooden planks as many times as you need to in order to destroy them all without so much as cracking the egg that’s nestled snugly inside of them. It’s a lot harder than it looks and is actually a ton of fun to play, so if you’re someone that enjoys Angry Bird type games and you’ve been looking for a new one to pass the time, you should definitely consider downloading this one while it’s still on sale.


Fruits’n Tails Now $0.99, Normally $2.99

By Mkt Virtual

This game takes Da Vinci’s code and puts a fun spin on things – He’s found a map that leads him to a mysterious mountain where he runs into some colourful monkeys and recruits their help in painting his ultimate portrait. There are more than 90 challenging levels of innovating gameplay to work your way through, amazing graphics to look at, and tons of fun that’s sure to keep you entertained for hours. If you’d like to download a game to your phone that’s a little different, this might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Myorie Now $1.29, Normally $2.99

By Evilsharpshoot Games

If you have a little one at home and you’ve been looking for something to put on your phone that will keep them entertained while you’re out and about but you need it to be easy enough that they’re not constantly stopping you and asking you how to play the game, this is exactly what you need – It’s a fun and interactive storybook that’s both educational and fun to read. If you have kids, get it while it’s still on sale.