Sale Alert: Windows Phone Apps and Games (September 23)


APPS Now FREE, Normally $0.49

By Neptune Century Studios

If you’re someone that enjoys going to yard sales and you’d like to be able to know about all the ones that are being held in your area without having to carry a big bulky paper around with you to find them, this is definitely the next app you’re going to want to install on your phone – It’s super easy to use and is perfect for finding all of those early bird specials. Definitely worth downloading for free.


IPropertySG Now FREE, Normally $1.99


This is an app you’ll want to have handy at your fingertips if you’re thinking about moving or buying a house in the near future – It allows you to bring all of the functionality of with you wherever you go. That way, if you’re out and about and you happen to see an apartment/house that’s for rent/sale that you like, you can easily see how much it costs (so long as the property is on the website, of course). If you’d like to see all of the apartments/condos/houses for rent/sale In your area (or in another area), you need this app.


Best Price Calculator Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By ZTrain Software

Have you ever wondered if you’re really getting the best price for your groceries? With this app, you’ll never have to wonder again – All you need to do is enter the price, size, quantity, and any coupons you have for a store purchase and then it calculates for you and shows you which deal is the better one. You can even save and/or load items as you need to so that you can easily compare prices at different storm. If you’re on a budget, you’ll definitely want to install this app on your phone.


Thailand Shopping Paradise Now FREE, Normally $0.99

By Tourism Authority of Thailand

I’m including this one on the list solely because I happen to know four separate people that are currently either on a trip or about to go on a trip to Thailand and I’m sure they’ll all want to be able to find all the very best shopping places to visit while they’re there – This app comes loaded with more than 15 000 shopping establishments (in seven different tourism cities) and it’s super easy to use. If you’re also going on a trip to Thailand soon, make sure you download this app today.


Speak Spanish Now $0.99, Normally $2.99

By Holfeld Apps

If you’re going on a trip to Spain in the near future, or if you’d just like to learn a few key words and phrases for in the event you ever end up there, this is the perfect app for you – It’s incredibly easy to use, divides everything you need into eight handy to get at categories, and it even works offline! Anyone that would like to get a grasp on very basic Spanish should download this app before the price goes back up.


ASL Dictionary HD American Sign Language Now $4.99, Normally $9.99

By Software Studios LLC

Personally, I think that absolutely everyone with a Windows phone needs to download this app on it – It comes equipped with over 5000 videos that will allow you to learn a bunch of signs for words. Even if you don’t happen to know anyone with a hearing impairment, you never know what kind of situation might come up where you’ll be able to help someone who has one. Spend the five bucks and download this app today.


Around Pro Now $1.29, Normally $3.99

By Asleroid

Are you one of those people that constantly forgets about the quarterly or biannual sales at your favourite stores until right after they’ve ended? If you answered yes, this is definitely the next app you’re going to want to download and install on your Windows phone – All you need to do is pin the address of the store (or the address of a friend that owes you money’s office) you like (or the grocery store you need to stop at on the way home from work) and the next time you’re passing it, you’ll be reminded of whatever you’ve set. It’s a pretty handy app for less than two bucks; get it today.


RingtoneCutter Now FREE (New App)

By Tap Plex

This is the perfect app for anyone that wants to be able to make their own ringtones – RingtoneCutter makes it super easy for you to cut all of your favourite songs or other audios however you’d like and use them as ringtones. Make a bunch for all of your different contacts – It’s free! Perfect for anyone that’s bored with the ringtones that came on their phone or anyone that can’t find a ringtone they like.



win8Prediction 6.3™ Now $2.49, Normally $3.99

By DIGITAL Renaissance

If you’ve been looking for a new party game to entertain your friends with or if you have a child that’s interested in magic and/or becoming a magician, you’re going to absolutely love having this little game installed on your phone. It uses the phone as a prop for the magic trick, while removes the idea that it could possibly in on the trick. It comes equipped with everything you need – including the instructions – to make your friends, family, and/or even complete strangers think you’re a master magician.


Coppy Bird for CACAO Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Charles Youngcheol Kwon

If you enjoyed playing flappy bird, you’re probably going to really like this game too (if you’ve never played it before you should definitely give it a shot – It’s quite addictive) – it plays almost just like the original (the developers created it from Flappy Bird screenshots)! It’s easy and fun to play, the graphics and audio aren’t bad, and it can definitely help you pass the time on a rainy day or whenever you get stuck somewhere with nothing to do.


Book of Dragons: Audio Book Puzzles Now FREE, Normally $1.99

By Casual Family Fun Entertainment

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a game, but I promise you that your kids will have so much fun listening to these interactive puzzle dragon stories that they won’t be able to tell the difference. It comes loaded with eight different stories – Each one professionally narrated with astounding sound quality and hosting stunning graphics. Your child can choose from three different difficulty settings, which ensures that they’ll be kept busy for hours. Perfect for long trips or waits at the doctor’s office.


Princess Foot Spa Salon Now FREE (New Game)

Nutty Apps

Flip Flop season might be coming to a close (entirely too quickly, I might add), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring all the fun of a good pedicure to your Windows phone. Okay, I admit it – This game probably isn’t going to be any fun at all unless you’re a little girl, but if you happen to have one that likes to be pampered or one that would like to run a spa one day, you might want to consider downloading this game onto your phone.


Candy Saga New Now FREE (New Game)

By Hawkins

If you’re one of those people that enjoys wasting hours playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook on a daily basis, you’re definitely going to want to put this game on your phone so that you can take a version of your favourite game with you everywhere you go! It doesn’t play the same as the popular game, but the goal is the same – you’ll need to clear a certain number of point before you can progress to the next level – which means you’ll definitely be able to get your candy crush fix no matter where you are.


Beautiful Mind Games Now FREE (New Game)

By Beautiful Mind Games

If you enjoy playing puzzle games and you’ve been looking for something new, you’re definitely going to want to put this game on your phone – It comes equipped with a whole bunch of different brainteasers that are suitable for all ages and are sure to keep you busy for hours on end. Most of these games are a ton of fun to play (I didn’t get to try them all) and I don’t imagine that this game will remain free forever, so get the great deal while you still can.


Tetris Classic Legendary Now FREE (New Game)

By vadevgame

Remember when you were a child and you used to spend your Saturdays playing Tetris with your friends? Now you can bring the game with you no matter where you go! The gameplay is the same as it’s always been – fit the shapes together to remove rows and avoid letting the empty space fill up completely. This game is a ton of fun to play and is sure to make you nostalgic for the easy Saturday mornings you got to enjoy as a kid.


Spider-Man Unlimited Now FREE (New Game)

By Gameloft

If you enjoy running games and/or Spiderman, you’re going to absolutely love playing this game: It’s the first ever Spiderman web running game – You’ll get to swing, run, and fight your way through the hand drawn comic verse completing missions and battling bosses along the way. It’s a ton fo fun to play and I strongly suggest that you put it on your phone if you’re a fan of Marvel comics.