Samsung is developing a smartphone with wraparound display to be released next year


Smartphones with flexible displays are already a reality (LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round). However, this technology is very young and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Samsung, which are well-known for their passion to innovate are apparently working on a smartphone with a 3-sided display for 2014, according to some sketches leaked via unofficial channels.

Samsung wraparound display sketch2

Samsung wraparound display sketch2 Samsung wraparound display sketch3

The screen is supposed to wrap around the edges of the phone, offering a touch-enabled side screen with functions such as slide lock & unlock and battery status. ¬†Other possible functions include using it as a scroll bar, info bar and clipboard. It’s still not clear which of these features will get implemented or if new ones will be added. Even so, the side-bar screen has great potential in making a smartphone even more functional and providing smooth navigation.

Unsatisfied with Galaxy S and Galaxy Note sales number for this year, Samsung is planning to release the S5 earlier than originally planned, rumors say. The future Samsung phone models will boast higher-quality cameras, at least on par with the competition. There is currently no information, if the wraparound display will be included in one of the Samsung existing lines like Galaxy S and Galaxy Note or they will decide to create an entirely new one.

Sources: US Patent & Trademark Office, Bloomberg