Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch sale numbers are rapidly closing in on the 1 million mark


Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartwatchAround 800.000 Galaxy Gear smartwatches have been sold since the late September launch of these wearable devices. Initial functional deficiencies, the fact these smartwatches required a Galaxy Note 3 to operate for most of the time, poor early reviews and rumors of high return rates for the wearable devices, made it seem this Samsung innovation was not a successful one.

However, Samsung improved Gear’s functionality by updating Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 to support the device. As of recently, the Gear Manager phone app is capable of displaying notifications from Android apps further increasing the usefulness of this device. Apparently Samsung’s efforts were not in vain, as the 800.000 sold products managed to exceed their own expectations, according to a Reuters report.

As a result of the problems faced by Samsung with the functionality of the wearable device, earlier in September some rumors stated this initial version was to be replaced with an improved model sometime during January next year. Taking into account this unexpected success, Samsung might just change their minds and postpone that launch to keep the sale going for the current Galaxy Gear model.