Sci-Fi Action-RPG ‘Implosion: Never Lose Hope’ released for iOS



Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a game that many have been anticipating for a while now. Despite originally being scheduled for release last year, the game was inevitably delayed until now. Regardless, the wait is over, and player’s finally get a shot at playing the action packed sci-fi game from developer Rayark. There was definitely quite a bit of buzz created when the cinematic trailer for the game was released, as it boasted some very high end theatrical visuals. Check out the trailer right here:

Now, that had to get you at least a little bit excited about the game if you weren’t already. Obviously the game doesn’t look as good as the trailer does, but typically if the trailer looks that good, the game is sporting some nice visuals as well. There isn’t a whole lot of gameplay footage available just yet, but we’ll be reviewing the game shortly to give you a better idea of what it entails.

The game seems to have a very high production value, with a strong emphasis on a good story and an adrenaline pumping soundtrack. John Kurlander, who worked on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, did all of the audio mixing and mastering, which shows that they really wanted to make that aspect of the game special. Production costs were likely quite high for the game, which is probably one of the reasons it garnered a relatively high price-tag of $9.99.

Sure, story-lines, graphics, and audio are all important to a game, and nice when they’re all of high quality — but the real question is how the game plays. We’ve seen plenty of Action-RPGs that get player’s excited with flashy animations and a nice trailer, but ultimately fail to produce a fun and addicting game. Time will tell with Implosion: Never Lose Hope, and we’ll all just have to do our best to not lose hope that the game is worth the dough.

Check out Implosion: Never Lose Hope for yourself on the Apple App Store, but not the Google Play Store just yet. Although the game was originally set to be released on both platforms, we’re only aware of an iOS version at the moment. Make sure to leave any comments about the game in the discussion area below, or head over to the forums and strike up a new thread!