Scott Cawthon Releases ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2’



After the somewhat explosive success of Five Nights at Freddy’s, developer Scott Cawthon announced he was working on a sequel to the multi-platform thriller game. That was roughly a month ago, and now, the game has been released on iOS and Android. The second installment of the series features the same concept — try to stay alive for five nights, but this time the rules are different. No doors, more rooms, and more variables in play. Check out the trailer for FNAF2:

In the new layout, there is an air vent on each side of you, like the doors were previously. You can turn the light on to see if anything is crawling in the vents, but there is no way to close them. There is also a big open hallway directly in front of you, where you can shine a flashlight, but again — no door. So instead of closing doors to save your life, you’ll instead need to put on a mask and wait for whatever is there to go away.

Other new parts of the game include a more complex camera layout/building design, and a music box which needs to be wound up to keep a certain animatronic from wandering into your office. The music box is located in a specific room, and requires you to be viewing that cameras room to wind it up. It will play for a short period of time, but when it steps, you’re put at risk. You can wind it up before it stops, but it just adds another constant objective┬áto be keeping an eye on.


The game was released for Android [Download Link] on November 13th, and subsequently released for iOS [Download Link] this Wednesday the 19th. It is currently priced at $2.99 for the mobile version, with a free demo of the first night available to try before you buy. For those wanting to get it on Steam for PC, the price will be a bit higher at $7.99.