Snake’s original creator will release new ‘Snake Rewind’ on May 14th


Snake Rewind Classic

Even if you have not heard the name Taneli Armanto before, I am certain that most of you have played Snake so now you know who to thank for it. Snake was the first game I ever played on a mobile device back in the glorious Nokia brick days and I know many others can say the same as it is one of the most recognizable games in the world. And now we are about to get a remastered version of the old classic with Snake Rewind.

Taneli and developer Rumilus Design have entered a partnership that has resulted in what you can see in the screenshots of this post. Much of the game’s mechanics remain the same but players will also be able to rewind time, hence the name. The graphics, music, animations and everything else have also been updated of course so your nostalgia trip can be justified.

Snake Rewind

And now for the bad part. The game will apparently be a freemium title with a ‘fruit store’ where players can purchase upgrades, new levels and other items. The fruit can be collected by playing the game or purchased with real money. I am not sure how I feel about a Snake game with IAPs but I am hopeful that the developer will treat them well. At least the wait will not be long as the game will be released on May 14th for Android, iOS and Windows Phone so keep an eye out for it in a week’s time.