Snapchat shows disapproval on jailbreak tweaks, starts locking out users


Snapchat is known for its focus on security – the ephemeral nature of messages sent via the service is certainly not just for fun. On that note, the company is facing numerous challenges to keep their users privacy….well, private.

Their latest move goes against Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks. It appears the video messaging service has started to lock out those using such tweaks, which in fact are hacking various Snapchat features.

Phantom is of the most popular tweaks from the Cydia app store, for which Snapchat is locking users out of the service. Phantom is a tweak that lets users spoof location and save media among other things. The latter capability is practically voiding Snapchat’s core feature, around which the entire service is built, so it’s really not a surprise the company decided to block accounts using tweaks like Phantom.

Even so, the ban is not permanent and users can easily unlock their Snapchat accounts after they disable or uninstall all Snapchat-based tweaks. It will be interesting to see what will be the next move Snapchat takes in this direction (if any).

It’s not hard to imagine some people will test tweaks one by one with the app, just to see if any of them can go undiscovered. A possible solution would be to extend the lock out period for each subsequent attempt of using service-hacking tweaks and after too many attempts even turn it into a permanent ban.

Windows Phone users are perhaps the most sidelined of the bunch as last year, Snapchat has taken down all third-party Windows Phone apps from Windows Store, even locking out those who continued to use their already installed apps. This may not seem like much, but do take into account there is no official Snapchat client for Windows Phone, so perhaps not being able to use a Snapchat tweak is far better than not having the app available.

Of course, at some point developers of Snapchat tweaks will find ways to bypass the lock out, and then, the service will have to implement new detection methods. It’s definitely a never-ending battle.

What’s your main reason for using (or not using) Snapchat? If the service were to disappear tomorrow, what would be your best alternative app to replace it?

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