Sons of Anarchy The Prospect will be coming in 2015


Sons of Anarchy The Prospect

Although I still have not managed to watch the series just yet, Sons of Anarchy is very beloved amongst its fans as you can witness by a two-minute conversation with any of them. As the TV show is going to be ending this week, fans can now look at the all-new Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect mobile game for more of their favorite stuff.

The game will be arriving in early 2015 for Android and iOS devices as an episodic series and is being developed by Orpheus and Silverback Games with guidance from series creator Kurt Sutter. Since the game such a high endorsement, you can understand why fans have been eagerly awaiting for more news since the first tease was shown to the public.

We now know that SoA: The Prospect will revolve around a new location and new chapter of the eponymous motorcycle club although there were no actual gameplay details announced. Still, if you are a fan of the series you will probably want to check the game out.