SoundHUD fixes Lollipop’s silent mode for $2


You probably do not need me to tell you just how bad Google screwed up with the volume controls and the silent mode in Android 5.0 Lollipop. But for those of you who have not migrated yet, you should know that there is no real silent mode in Lollipop and that if you use the same settings as before, the alarms also get silent which is obviously incredibly stupid and probably a design oversight that Google will fix sometime later.

Until then, however, users that want a silent mode in their Lollipop device do not have that many options if they do not want to root their devices. In fact, the newly released SoundHUD is probably one of the best such options. The app restores the KitKat interface to Lollipop’s sound settings and also features an actual silent mode. Pressing one of your volume buttons will bring up the alternative sound options where you will get full control over each sound setting (like the ringtone, alarm and notifications).

SoundHUD Options

The silent mode can be accessed via the System Settings > Sound & Notification > Interruptions menu by turning off all the priority interruption switches. This will stop everything except for the alarms, as it should be. Finally, the app lets you assign an app to one of your volume buttons that can be accessed by long-pressing it which is pretty cool.

SoundHUD Style

As I mentioned in the title, the only caveat here is that the app will cost you $2 after the free trial period of two weeks is over. While the developers are filling a very empty void in Lollipop right now, it is still silly that users have to pay for this feature because Google should have simply made this available for everyone instead.

If you are aching for a silent mode in your Lollipop device, head over to Google Play and get the app now.