‘Spellcrafter’ is a new turn-based RPG where you cast spells with gestures



Spellcrafter IconSpellcrafter [Android, iOS]

Developer: Jujubee
Price: $2.99 (Android)/$3.79 (iOS)
Genre: Turn-based RPG

While the idea of casting spells in video games with gestures is not exactly new, this particular game mechanic has not found a lot of success in the mobile market, partly because it has not yet been implemented well and because there are very few titles that use it anyway. Jujubee’s Spellcrafter wants to give it one more try, however, and see if Android gamers respond well.

While the game features a turn-based combat system, the spells you will need to defeat your enemies have to be cast with specific gestures. All of the magic skills you possess will be detailed in your spellbook and you would do well to familiarize yourself with the gestures as tapping into your spellbook while in battle will eat up your precious time. The faster you cast your spell, the more powerful it will be so losing time is really not an option.

Spellcrafter Gestures

The game takes place in your standard fantasy setting with everything you already expect from an RPG. You will go on quests, collect loot, battle opponents and take part in a conflict where your decisions will influence the story. You are able to play as one of three races (humans, necromancers and elves) which also influence the story in unique ways. Spellcrafter contains 3 acts with 3 different levels each.

Spellcrafter Quests

If you do not mind a generic fantasy setting and would like to see unique mechanisms at play, I would say Spellcrafter is worth your time. The game features no IAPs and “F2P mechanics” so you will get what you pay for right from the start.