Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Lands Universally For iOS Devices



One of the most successful Star Wars games and beloved Star Wars story finds it’s way ported over to iOS

I have a serious confession to make, even though I’ve been a avid Star Wars fan for the majority of my life, until this past year I had never played Knights of the Old Republic KOTOR for short. I knew of it, I had heard the legendary tales of immersive¬†gameplay and intriguing stories, but I never fully experienced the game until it was re-released on the iPad. I had played the game a little back in the day when I was visiting a friend who had the game, but not to any serious length. The reason I bring this up though, is because I want you to understand how relevant and enjoyable the game still is on iOS. It’s far and above my favorite game on my iPad and I’m already on my second play-through, and now having the ability to play it on my phone makes the experience all the better.

Battles are intense and satisfying.

KOTOR is set roughly 4.000 years before the events that transpire in the original films. Players travel the galaxy with complete freedom to complete Star Wars-like missions in almost any order they wish. The main objective of the game is to track down these ancient star maps, which will in turn help lead you to Darth Malak, an evil and powerful sith lord out to take over the galaxy. The gameplay mechanics and story telling, use the style of older BioWare D&D style games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale. While it’s still possible to check on dice rolls and dive deep into game stats, it also improves on just about every element from the older RPG titles. The graphics, story-telling, combat, and vast universe are all enjoyable aspects of the game, that are done at the highest level of quality.

I feel a comment that I viewed on a metacritic page said it best when they posted “KOTOR. iPad. ‘Nuff Said.” and now the hit title is also available universally on any iOS device that has 6.0 or higher. If you’re a Star Wars fan or even a fan of D&D style video games and haven’t played Knights of the Old Republic yet, take it from me and go get it. Even if you’ve already played through the game on a PC or console, it’s well worth the replay on a mobile device. The new universal update also improves on lighting and graphics to better represent the newer iOS hardware, as well as supporting wide-screen for iPhone and iPod touch.¬†If you were to ask Dark Vader himself about this game he would tell you “The force is strong with is strong with this one”. Assuming he knows of the ancient tales of the old republic.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is available for download on the iOS App Store for only $4.99, which recently dropped with the new universal update. It runs on any iOS device that runs version 6.0 or higher.