StoreSwitcher tweak lets you easily switch between App Store accounts


StoreSwitcher tweak is a new addition to Cydia that enables you to switch between App Store accounts. If you have more than one App Store account then you’re already aware Apple doesn’t make it easy to switch between them.

While Apple doesn’t want us to have multiple App Store accounts, they can be undeniably useful. You can gain access to services that are not supported in your region, as well as download apps not available in your country.

Luckily, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, StoreSwitcher tweak makes it possible to switch App Store accounts with just a tap.

With the tweak installed, you simply need to launch the App Store app, navigate to the Featured screen and tap on the ‘Apple ID’ button.

StoreSwitcher tweak

The tweak adds a new option in the popup menu called ‘Switch Account’. Tap on it and a new screen will be displayed with the available accounts. Also, the account’s country is listed for each item.

switch between App Store accounts

Now all you have left to do is select the account you want to switch to. And if you want to add another App Store account to the list you will need to navigate to Settings -> iTunes & App Store. There, sign out of the current account and sign into the new one.

StoreSwitcher will automatically remember the account so you can access it later.

StoreSwitcher tweak supports jailbroken iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 9.3 up to 10. You can find it in Cydia for the small amount of $0.99.

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