Sygic GPS Navigation app now available for Windows Phone


Despite the lack of an official Google Maps app on Microsoft’s mobile ecosystem, Windows Phone users do have a few quality alternatives. Their number increased last week, when the popular Sygic GPS Navigation app hit the WP Store.

TomTom-powered Sygic GPS Navigation has been making a name for itself for quite a while on both Android and iOS platforms. In fact, Sygic was iPhone’s first nav app so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re a Windows Phone user.

TomTom maps and offline navigation

The app has an intuitive and well-organized layout that’s very easy to use and packs a ton of features – with lifetime free updates. Sygic GPS Navigation offers TomTom maps that you can download on your device and use while offline. There’s also turn-by-turn voice guide navigation, and everything works with GPS, no Internet connection needed.

Sygic - Alternative routes

Alternative routes and fast route editing

To keep you focused at your driving, the app includes Spoken Street Names, as well as other handy features like alternative routes, simple route editing via drag & drop, custom waypoints and the possibility to avoid toll roads.

Sygic - Points of interest

Good for both drivers and pedestrians

Drivers also get Dynamic Lane Guidance, Junction View – which highlights highway exits, warnings for fixed speedcams and for exceeding speed limits as well as police trap warnings from other drivers. Sygic GPS Navigation comes in handy even while you’re on foot as it integrates 3D city and landscape views and pedestrian navigation.

While Sygic is free it includes several IAPs offering premium features, specifically full-featured voice guided navigation ($19.99 for North America, $24.99 for Europe, other regions are available too), Head Up Display for $9.99 that lets you see GPS navigation projected on your windshield and traffic information for a $19.99 yearly subscription.

While the last option has a fair price – given what it offers – it’s especially useful if you experience traffic jams often.  Sygic’s graphics are optimized for tablets and HD displays and it works smooth, giving users a superior experience.


Sygic has another free app in the Windows Phone Store – Speedometer. The app has a few common traits with Sygic GPS Nagivation,  offering speed limit information for the road you’re on, real-time alerts of mobile radar traps and fixed speedcams but it also lets you track your mileage and other driving stats. Speedometer also uses community based information so any user can contribute by submitting information about new traps, police radars and mobile cameras. The app is free and just like Sygic GPS Navigation it comes with some premium features. It can be an incredibly useful driving companion, but before you try it, know Speedometer doesn’t have an offline mode, so you will need a data connection to use it.

Are you using Sygic GPS Navigation or Speedometer on your Windows Phone? If not, give them a try from the download links below:

Sygic GPS Navigation for Windows PhoneDownload

Speedometer by Sygic for Windows PhoneDownload

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