Tell your significant other to clean their mess with Ikea’s Emoticons keyboard


IKEA Emoticons

Ikea has just launched a keyboard or in its own words, a “communication tool to ensure universal love and understanding in your home”. According to the company, Emoticons aims to amend any issues that men and women have in communication, especially when it comes to things like cleaning the house and doing chores.

As I am sure you can already guess by its name, the keyboard consists entirely of emoticons of different meanings. Combining various emoticons together should be enough to communicate simple things like “clean the house” or “walk the dog” or “do not eat those Swedish meatballs I have left in the fridge for two weeks now”. The promotional video explains all of this and more. Before you get offended by it, I am sure it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek, kind of quirky but also cringe-inducing kind of thing.

The app is completely free and is available for Android 4.0+ and iOS 8+ devices. If all this sounds like fun to you, get the app on iTunes or Google Play today.