[Tip] Play Super Mario Run on iPhone right now

Cezar Renta


Super Mario Run has a lot of hype building up, and while the official launch is scheduled for December 15th, Nintendo released a demo version so you can play Super Mario run on iPhone right now.

The demo is available for iOS devices in local Apple Stores as a free download, so if you want to try it just visit the link below:

Super Mario Run official iTunes page

How to play Super Mario Run on iPhone

Super Mario Run is an endless runner, so Mario runs all by himself and you just need to tap on the screen to make Mario jump. Like in other similar games, to make Mario jump higher you will need to perform longer taps.

Play Super Mario Run on iPhone

The controls are very straightforward and it’s mostly about timing your jumps to either avoid gaps and obstacles or collect coins and other items. Also, the way you perform jumps will allow you to do other things, such as climbing across the ceiling for example.

The game offers three different play modes. World Tour offers challenging courses optimized for one-handed play across six worlds. The second mode is called Toad Rally and will compare your performance against courses completed by other people. The third mode has you building your own Mushroom Kingdom using Toads and coins collected by playing the other game modes.

No doubt, you’ll have plenty of stuff to do in Super Mario Run after it launches. Regarding its pricing – the game will cost approximately $10 (prices can vary slightly depending on your location) that lets you unlock all three game modes.Some might say it’s quite expensive for a mobile game but keep in mind Nintendo didn’t design it as a pay to win

Some might say it’s quite expensive for a mobile game but keep in mind Nintendo didn’t design it as a pay-to-win game. This is a one-time fee, which is likely better than spending significantly more money on IAPs or looking at others topping the charts in case you can’t afford to make the same investments. Also, you can play Super Mario run on iPhone or iPad for free and pay only if you decide you like the demo.

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