Top New Android Games [15-Nov-2014]


global assaultGlobal Assault

by Kongregate; Free, offers in-app purchases
Category: Strategy, RPG

Kongregate’s Global Assault looks stunning on tablets, so if you are into squad-based RPGs, take a look at this entry. There are two conflicting forces here – the Heroes of Havoc and the Shattered Sun. They fight to dominate the Earth and if the heroes are the good guys, the Shattered Sun group is an evil totalitarian empire. The turn-based combat system is spiced with loads of content – upgradable units with special abilities, equipment and lots of cool characters you can recruit to fortify your army – the Mule, Trident and more. You can fuse units to make stronger ones, train them , upgrade and research tech to boost your potential. The game also features some of the most beautiful places of our planet and takes you on the battlefields located all over the world from Siberia to Central America. Global events let you win valuable loot.

Clipboard-2Contract Killer: Sniper

by Glu, Free, offers IAPs
Category: Action

I am so downloading Contract Killer by Glu, where you play as a contract sniper eliminating the world’s high profile targets. I hope they are the bad guys, though. The game imposes a simple killer rule – honor thy contract, so be careful when you choose yours. You will have a choice between eliminating mob groups, bases or single VIP targets, and I like how you can choose your missions. Notably, there are over 250 missions and unique campaigns, where you will be able to work long-range, or on the contrary, infiltrate enemy groups without revealing your real identity. Of course, you get an arsenal of James Bond, or rather Nikita – sniper rifles, heavy guns, tesla guns and assault rifles, throwing knives, rocket launchers and med kits. The game also sports a PvP, where you can attack other players and steal their resources. How wild is that? The world map looks dazzling as you travel undercover to different locations to take out your targets.

SpellfallSpellfall – Puzzle Adventure

by Backflip Studios, free
Category: match-three puzzler

Match-three puzzles will never seize to fascinate players, no matter how un-new they tend to come. Nonetheless, a new story and a new look to the tiles bring a feeling of novelty much needed in a tried-out game type. Personally, I love match-three games and each new title, if it’s worthy one of course, is a joy. In Spellfall, you fight against monsters, and the tiles you match make spells you cast against them, so let that magic work its way to ever more powerful gear and special abilities. The difficulty of tiles increases with each new level, but fear not, the game is free, but it offers a hefty deal of in-app purchases and limits the time you can play, but provided you are ok with the freemium model, you can have a good time playing it.

Soul TakerSoul Taker – Face of Fatal Blow

by AndromedaGames, free, offers IAPs
Category: RPG

Another good-looking entry on today’s list, Soul Taker is an engrossing RPG full of battles for life and death between invaders and defenders. According to the game description, everything about this game is breathtaking, and we are determined to find out if it is true. Player reviews are quite good, and the 3D design and premise look intriguing, so why not? The game features 500+ collectible monsters, a gazillion of costumes and boots (this sounds new!), plenty of boss battles, a dungeon tower, online PvP and a soul card hunting with the ever-persistent in mobile gaming chase after the most powerful combos.

modern commandModern Command

by Chillingo, free
Category: Strategy

This may not be the best combat game ever made, but it looks awesome, and that alone urges me to try it out, especially since the user feedback is very good. Modern Combat tasks you with building a powerful squad of anti-gangsta force, or rather anti-terrorist. There are plenty of villains to fight and the most lucrative part here is the gorgeous 3D battlefields scattered all over the planet. Not only will you battle the bad guys, but also research new technologies, control the planetary protonium supply, run operations from MCA Headquarters, rank your team up and protect the planet from terrorism. You will be able to co-operate with your Facebook friends, and get your hands on the cool achievements and tons of weapons. It is both exciting, addictive and hard, but it’s fun to play, and it looks awesome, so we encourage you give it a shot.

Buff KnightBuff Knight! – RPG Runner

by Buffstudio, free
Category: RPG, endless runner

This one is supposed to please the fans of the retro 2D 16-bit graphics games, so if you enjoy the style, and are looking for the next worthy time killer, check this out. This lite version of a paid game has ads and limits your running speed, and if you choose to buy the full version your progress won’t be transferred from the lite one. This game has made it to the tops of the game charts in countries like Sweden and Korea, so it might as well be epic. After all, you are the Buff Knight, and you have to slay the dragon and save the princess, and it does not matter if you look like a Shrek or a Pierce Brosnan. In this game, you are a knight in the kingdom of Buff ravaged by the red dragon and his minions. Oooh, the premise already sounds giggle-inducing. The beast has captured the beautiful princess, and you have to work your way through the hellish maze to defeat the dragon and save the world, nothing short of epic. You have the sword, your two running feet, and a limited number of spells to cast at the monsters. There are also collectible artifacts and upgradable gear, so your knight evolves in his powers. There are two modes – story and endless, and a decent amount of monsters, collectibles and upgradable items to keep you busy.


by KIXEYE, free, IAPs
Category: Strategy,  requires Internet connection to play

VEGA Conflict will truly shine on high-end devices, and a stable Internet, preferably Wi-Fi,  connection is imperative. This game may not bring anything new to the table, but it sure is a very good space strategy and combat game for mobile. You will be in charge of a star fleet, making your way through the epic space war against the VEGA Federation. You can sync your progress across your other devices and keep on playing as you expand your galactic empire across the universe. The game features online PvP, RTS controls, a large galactic system to explore with a multitude of planets, galaxies, and of course a large arsenal of combat ships and weapons to deploy against your enemy.

PanemThe Hunger Games: Panem Rising

by Kabam; Free, IAPs
Category: Role Playing, requires Internet connection to play

I am very excited for the new Mockingjay Part 1 movie, and now that there is only a few days left till it hit the theaters, I was happy to lay my hands on the movie tie-in game – Hunger Games: Panem Rising (read full review here). It is a fun game for the passionate fans of the movie, but if you are the kind of fan who took the trouble of reading the books and assessing its message, will most likely find the game shallow. I did not find many differences in the Panem from the earlier Kabam’s Lord of the Rings: Legends – the gameplay, the upgrade system, the lack of action – the two games are like twin brothers, only one has the face of Orlando Bloom while the other of Jennifer Lawrence. That said, you can still have a good time collecting card with your favorite characters, and applying your knowledge of the Panem world in leveling up and building teams with the strongest combos. Read this guide for success in the Hunger Games: Panem Rising if you plan on advancing in the game.

SASSAS: Zombie Assault 4

by ninja kiwi; Free, IAPs
Category: Action

I have long stopped saying that the zombies were no longer trendy because the trend seems to stick like a chewing gum to your hair. As long as players keep playing zombie games, developers will keep making them. That said, SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a an excellent zombie-themed entertainment, and we have a fully fledged review of the game over here. It is a top-view shooter with a great arsenal of weapons to discover and use, a gazillion of zombies, and a great replay value. You can re-skin the zombies, but as our reviewer said, there are so many of them coming at you, you won’t have time to marvel at their looks. However, there are very spectacular moments here, especially the boss fights, and provided the game comes with over a hundred levels to complete, you will be busy for a long time. One other advantage here is that SAS: Zombie Assault 4 does not force IAPs on you to let you beat it. Don’t expect too much of its PvP, though, because you can’t play with your friends, but only with random users.

ManaSecret of Mana

by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd., $9
Category: Action

Secret of Mana is an Android port of a Japanese 1993 RPG game that was quite popular back at that time. The port most probably aims at those who want to relive their adventures and know that a game like that is well worth its $9 price. Mana is a mysterious power and everybody is fighting everybody for the right to dominate Mana. In this game, you get to play as three adventurers, Randi, Primm and Popoi, on their quest that takes them all over the world as they fight the evil empire. You will meet eight elementals who will teach you how to control and forces of nature and help you battle the evil forces. One of the special perks here is the Ring Command menu system the developers take pride in. It lets you upgrade characters and take, or drop, items without exiting the current scene. Overall, it is a very solid port, and the good old game aficionados will definitely want to check it out.

TransformersAngry Birds Transformers

by Rovio Mobile Ltd. , free, offers IAPs
Category: Arcade

Rovio was a bit unfair releasing AB Transformers on iTunes two or three weeks ahead of Android, and I am not sure if it made a big deal for Apple. The game has finally landed on Google Play now, and our editors have reviewed the game in depth, so check out this Angry Birds Transformers review and 7 Tips for Success. As far as my own impressions are concerned, Rovio definitely has the knack in mobile gaming, and every release from this studio tends to be as addictive as a drug. I am no longer sure it has to do with the players being hooked on Angry Birds franchise, or if Rovio games are simply darn good. For one, AB Transformers is not my favorite, but I am playing it. AB Epic was never my favorite, and I still occasionally play it. Even AB GO was never my favorite, but something stops me from uninstalling. There must be some sinister mind controlling technique these guys are using to keep players entangled in the maze of colorful limbless bird-dominated digital reality, and it does not matter which franchise they re-master. Today it’s Transformers, tomorrow it’s Chucky, whatever. It’s too addictive, don’t play it.

Bot fightBig Hero 6 Bot Fight

by Disney, Free, IAPs
Category: Puzzle

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a movie tie-in for the Disney Big Hero 6 animated movie based on a comic book. The game features Hiro and Baymax as their bots fight infected bots. The gameplay takes the scheme of a classic match-three puzzler, but it is so much bigger than this! The design is spectacular while the combat system has a surprisingly tricky learning curve. If you care to get a better idea of the combat system and rules, read our full review of Big Hero 6 Bot Fight. Overall, it is a very fun and addictive time killer for casual players and anyone hooked on the movie, that’s children. However, we encourage parents spending some time while kids understand how the different colors beat one another, so that you don’t end up with a hefty IAPs receipt at the end of the month.

Necklace of SkullsNecklace of Skulls

by Cubus Games, $2.99
Category: Adventure gamebook

To those of you who appreciate a good read and an interesting gameplay that requires a lot of thinking, Necklace of Skulls must be THE release of the week. Set in a distant past, the Mayan civilization, the adventure places you in the shoes of an ancient character, a tribal hunter (or sorceress, or warrior) as you endeavor on a journey full of dangers and mysterious encounters, as you try to save your twin brother from the imminent death. He is captured by a powerful black wizard, the Necklace of Skulls. The gamebook does away with dice rolling, so no luck factor here – just pure strategy and global thinking. Mind you that combat skills are by far not the only ones imperative for survival and success. Sometimes, knowing how to play a folk game can be a life saver where combat skills are of no use. So, tread carefully, and take your time enjoying the great artwork. If you wonder if it’s a game for you, hold on a few days to read our review, which is in the works now. If you are too impatient, though, you can read this review of Heavy Metal Thunder Gamebook by the same developer and get a better idea of what to expect.

Hungry HalHungry Hal – Zombie on the Run

by ELF Games, Free
Category: Casual

Here at PocketMeta we like to bring indie developers’ projects to your attention, and Hungry Hal may not be the prettiest kid on the block, but it is a fun time killer. You control a zombie, a very hungry zombie chasing people to feed on their brains. You have a brain meter, which also exhausts pretty fast, so unless you are very good at catching people you die in no time. It is an endless runner without any special perks, but brains and bones, but it is also kind of cute and fun. Hal, despite being a zombie, is also very clumsy and fragile. So, if you fail to guide him away from the obstacles, such as wheel tires and wooden crates, he may get stuck, or lose his shoe, or die altogether. Hal may not be a stupid zombie, but he sure is a funny zombie, and that’s what I liked about the game. The blood and bones are cartoonish, so no scary graphical elements here, and players of any age can indulge themselves in this simplistically hard endless runner themed after many of the zombie movies.

The game features 5 difficulty levels, and being on the first one I can’t imagine advancing as far as to 5. The more bones you collect, the better chances you will have at unlocking power-ups, and considering how goofy Hal is he is going to need some boosts. The true fun here, however, is it is a free game, without in-app purchases. ELF Games might be trying their hand in the genre before getting to the BIG Dream project, but they are doing it right. Hungry Hal is a hilarious, simple and yet very challenging time killer done right, and it’s free, not freemium.