Top New Android Games This Week [02-Feb-2015]



NoonNOON Freemium

Developer: FallenTreeGames
Genre: Arcade

The game is pretty simple and yet, its frantic speed and unapologetic difficulty will grasp your attention. You have to tap the clocks when they reach 12 noon sharp, and collect points to boast off among your friends. If you should tap too soon, or too late – game over. Likewise, if you let the clock’s arrows spin too many times – game over. It is pretty simple when you have only one clock to fiddle with, but as the game adds more clocks to your play screen – watch out because it gets unnervingly difficult. All those different clock hands spin at different speeds and before you know it, you will be weeping for mercy. To add more difficulty, some clocks will be placed head down, or in some other awkward position so that noon is not in its original position. The simplistic design is appealing while the game’s challenge is what keeps you coming back for one more go. The iOS game first launched on iTunes a few months ago, and now it has been ported to Android. It is worth noting the iOS game harvested stellar reviews, so chances are its Android port expects the same success. It is the kind of the game that will keep spinning in your head even when you close your eyes to sleep. Sweet.

SattelinaSatellina $1.99

Developer: Moon Kid
Genre: Action

Sattelina is a minimalist fast-paced twitch game that has you dragging your finger across the green dots that form al sorts of patterns, from simplified waves to flowers and more complex objects. The catch here is the green dots are not alone on screen, and you need to avoid tapping on the yellow and red ones that just happen to spin close by. The game was also initially released on iOS and now it gets ported to Android. I would not say I am a fan of this sort of minimalist design – black background, neon dots. It lacks a flair of chic, but if it sounds and looks like your cup of tea – get it. Oh, and it has a very neat synthpop 11-track soundtrack that sings in sync with the gameplay. The game offers 50 levels, a different color palette for the colorblind.

Evolve Hunters QuestEvolve: Hunters Quest Freemium

Developer: 2K Games, Inc.
Genre: Action

Evolve: Hunters Quest is yet another match-three puzzler based on Evolve, where you get to match same color token to have the hunters fight your alien enemies, or refill energy bars. The game also lets you level up your characters that automatically translates to your console game. You will also explore Shear’s wildlife, encounter monsters, complete Bestiary collection, earn art for Evolve console game among a multitude of other perks. The game requires an active my2K account and Internet connection. I am not sure if anyone but Evolve players would want to dip their fingers in it, but since the game is free, you can give it a go.

Qbert rebootedQ*bert: Rebooted $1.99

Developer: Sideline Amusement
Genre: Arcade

Qbert was a popular arcade game back in the 80s, and was first unsuccessfully ported to mobile in 2006. Now, we see a new take on the old school game in Qbert Rebooted that adds a 3D shape flavor to the good old 2d design – hexagonal shapes instead of 2D squares; gives the protagonist and all the 7 playable characters a modern makeover; adds 3 new enemies; preserves the original gameplay with its fun and charm. You need to jump on hexagons to change their color and dodge enemies. Great.

The game adds more power-ups, traps and other perks to increase the replay value, and most importantly, owners of Android TV may play the game on their huge screens and enjoy the good old game with its new, sleek looks and modern attire.

Mutation MashMutation Mash Freemium

Developer: Upopa Games
Genre: Puzzle

Mutation Mash is odd and somewhat eerie. It is a game for the transhumanists who want to breed human-animal mutants (think Splice) that would help humanity survive some sort of apocalypse they have in mind, or live forever. Here, you match poor radioactive animals to make mutants. Why on Earth anyone would think this would make a funny game – I don’t know, but you have to see it for yourself. Maybe it is the fast-paced match puzzle gameplay, or the three-eyed mammals and reptiles that make its 50 levels a fun ride, or the 19 mutant species and unbelievable MEGA creatures you make when mixing mutated animals with a bunny, or the urge to act fast before the mutants spread too far beyond the farm, or the Tetris-like mechanics.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HDHeroes of Might & Magic III HD $9.99

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre: Strategy

If you have played Heroes of Might & Magic III on PC some time in 1999, you must be excited for this mobile port, but wait till the developer Ubisoft irons out some rough edges, like the controls, or unresponsive parts of screen, or melee attacks that don’t work. Overall, the game is great, but it feels a bit raw, and considering its $10 price tag, it is no way to go. In the game, you control Catherine Ironfist the Queen, whose army of creatures fights other creatures in turn-based combats.

The game offers seven scenarios, 50 skirmish maps, local and online multiplayer modes, full widescreen compatibility. Another nag is, if you haven’t played the PC game, you might find it hard to figure out the UI.

MinichaseMiniChase Freemium

Developer: Roshka Mobi
Genre: Action

This fun and cute racer will definitely hook you once you try it. The point is you play as a bank robber after you’ve cleaned a bank’s vault, and now cops want to chase you down. You need to dodge them, outrun and hide from police helicopters. It is perfect for short sessions of gameplay – a time killer at its best, and a freemium one. You get to drive into trees, cop cars, buildings and what not because this game will tell you all about what a lousy driver you are in the most hilarious manner. The game is pixel-cute and punishingly hard while its control system is dead simple – a button on the left and right to steer, and your vehicle drives by default. The aim is to stay alive dodging stuff and collecting power-ups. See it for yourself if you can make it at least to 15 seconds without dying.

Lamp and VampLamp and Vamp $1.99

Developer: GlobZ
Genre: Strategy

Lamp and Vamp is a charming pixel rogue game where you play as a vampire (not again!) on his trip to the castle of his dreams (do vampires have dreams?) Alas, not all is perfect in his world, and he has to confront many a danger along the way. Help the bloodsucker master his dark powers as he attempts to get to the end of each hex-styled grid level, which is, uncannily, a coffin. By getting to the grave, the vampire gets new powers, and you get to choose which ones – flying, attacking or becoming invisible. The game’s browser version won a few indie prizes last year, so now that it’s ported to Android, you can enjoy the pixel delight on your handhelds. Those who played it are totally charmed by its beautiful pixel art, the rogue complexity of the turn-based strategy and a cleverness pertaining to the Hoplite-like games.

Around the WireAround the Wire Freemium

Developer: Outdoor Video Games
Genre: Arcade

A feast of color, Around the Wire is challenging as hell. Truth be told, I could not figure out how to play by reading the description alone, but after a few tries I got the hang of the mechanics and it is a total indie charmer unlike any other platformer you have played before. The game has you standing on your toes with its anxious soundtrack, as you try to use the momentum and swing from one wire to another in this frantic sci-fi world. Tap and hold to land; move around to swing; release to jump. Got it? I thought I did, but the game is hard to the point of frustration until I got used to the controls, which are smooth and responsive, but still make it quite challenging rather than simple. The design is wonderful, and the amount of levels is superb. I would very much like to get through the initial levels, though.

BlockadilloBlockadillo Freemium

Developer: Game Loop Lab – Inhaber Michael Olp
Genre: Arcade

Blockadillo is an arcade game about an Armadillo smashing colorful blocks in a fast-paced, crazy action. Why crazy? Because the furious armadillo moves up and down the grid all by itself, and you can only control it to turn left or right. Better yet, the brick breaking action takes place in an ancient temple and the protagonist’s quest through the traps and ancient puzzles remind you of Indie Jones’ adventures. Many traps and special blocks are scattered across the beautifully, yet fiendishly designed levels floating in a wonderful, atmospheric sound score. All of that colorful goodness is spiced by an interesting element of discovery of an ancient civilization with unique gizmo that help you solve the levels.

The first 40-level world is free while a single in-app purchase unlocks the second world with another 40 levels for the avid fans of clever puzzles.

Bunny goes boomBunny Goes Boom! Free

Developer: SnoutUp
Genre: Arcade

There is something about flying bunnies that reminds me of Icarus, and humanity’s eternal dream of flying. Whenever we see flying bunnies, those would be bunnies using their flappy ears to propel them upwards. This time around, however, a bunny gets strapped to a carrot, that is a flying firework carrot and shoots off to the depths of the atmosphere skyward. On its way, the bunny has to dodge other bunnies flying in hot air balloons, ducks, airplanes, hungry hawks scouting for flying bunnies, and something that is called “cloud sharks with jetpacks.” Overall, it is a hilarious and cute game that is a perfectly challenging time killer.

Chesslike Adventures in ChessChesslike: Adventures in Chess $1.99

Developer: Moore Interactive
Genre: Puzzle

In terms of brain workout, this must be the best game this month because it combines the dungeon crawling elements of Dungeons and Dragons and places them in the world of chess. Thankfully, the rules have been adapted to the brainless kind like myself who could never overcome boredom and wrap their heads around the real chess. Here, even a pawn can take up the weapons and charge an attack, and the possibilities are limitless. Once you beat the opponent, you can go further and create your own levels, and the game will be further expanded thanks to user input. Notably, the game comes with zero IAPs or ads, and the subsequent expansions will come free of charge. You do need to sign in to Game center if you wish to save progress. As of now, this must be the most exotic take on rogue-likes.

Fisherman's HorizonFisherman’s Horizon Free

Developer: Eduardo Dal-Ri Faraco
Genre: Casual

Free, indie, charming and infinitely fun, Fisherman’s Horizon is a pixel styled game with retro music score and simple mechanics. You fish, and enjoy the gameplay. I could never get to like fishing, or the games that are wrapped around fishing, but this find is addicting as hell. Featuring a smooth learning curve, this little indie treasure is fantastically addicting and offers a perfect mix of challenge and accessibility. The only thing users complain about is the scroll control in menus – a trifle. An arcade at heart, this game could easily be some sort of Zelda-like mini game. You sail in a boat around a beautiful pixel island fishing exotic underwater inhabitants, unlocking a hefty deal of perks by catching some of the most rare species. A one tap control system makes it an incredibly smooth experience, fresh and deep as the beautiful, blue sea.

Space GizmoSpace Gizmo Free

Developer: Space Gizmo
Genre: Arcade

This little indie space arcade sim looks good, and lets you guide a fancy spaceship through a ten level space maze full of traps, challenges, mysteries and new galaxies, deploying canny tactics. The game offers single player (10 levels) and multiplayer modes where you can challenge your friends. More content is on its way, and the game is absolutely free, so if you are looking for the next time killer, try out Space Gizmo.

The WitcherThe Witcher Battle Arena Freemium

Developer: CD Projekt Red
Genre: Action

One of the most awaited titles on the list, the Witcher had us waiting for more than six months, and now that it launched, headlines galore. It does come with a few rough edges that are of purely technical nature, like a server error, or username bug, but the overall value of this freemium game is excellent. It comes with fast, short sessions of combat of two teams of three characters, each with their own skills, weapons and customizable elements and character progression. There are overall nine characters you can choose, and the best part is the game also offers an offline single player mode for those who don’t have an immediate access to Internet. The IAP system seems fair on those who do not wish to pay at all, and they can unlock items by playing. Also, the paying members won’t be able to bully the non-paying users during the multiplayer Arena fights.

Infinite Warrior Battle MageInfinite Warrior Battle Mage $0.99

Developer: Empty Flask Games
Genre: Role Playing

Classic RPG with tower defense and loot system, Infinite Warrior Mage offers a great deal of fun – spells, dragons, potions, upgrades. It is better played on tablets, though, since some buttons may result particularly small on smartphone screens. The design is gorgeous and the performance is overall smooth, but some users reported freezing and certain UI elements being unresponsive, so try it out well after you purchase. Here, you play as a mage warrior deploying not only your cunning combat tactics, but also powerful magic spells and powers. You fight the bad guys who are not always human, protect your watchtowers that are mysterious magical structures that boost your powers while you are inside. The game offers 6 maps. 40 monsters, 20 spells in 4 different schools of magic and creatures you can summon to fight the baddies’ legions, 100+ challenges, 40 levels for character progression.

HookHOOK $0.99

Developer: Rainbow Train
Genre: Puzzle

HOOK is a great puzzle game for the fans of all things minimal and simplistic. Its initial levels are dead simple, but before you know it, you will be scratching the back of your head and giggling – this game is delightfully challenging and better yet, relaxing. This makes it even more addicting than the regular nerve-wrecking puzzles that challenge your ego. The premise is simple – you have a number of strings interconnected by hooks and the aim is to clear the screen. Find the hooks, or the circles and tap them – this will cause strings unhook and disappear. The tricky part is once you start altering the initial pattern, the strings will start overlapping, so you need to remember which string starts and ends where so you don’t have a knot you can’t untie, which results in “game over.” Each new level introduces a new mechanics, like splitting lines and branching out or on the contrary, connecting strings, which sometimes activates another set of strings. Long story short, this is a very decent puzzler for those who don’t get a headache by looking at the capricious, complicated, interwoven strings and hooks.

Helicopter simHelicopter Sim Freemium

Developer: RORTOS
Genre: Simulation

Rortos is notorious for producing great flight sims, and this is yet another nice extension to the gallery of their games. This time around, it is about flying choppers. The game is new, so be patient while the controls and lags are ironed out, and Rortos is known for keeping tabs open on user feedback. That said, the game is very good, with awesome graphics, realistic sound score and some really nice birds to test your aiming, shooting and landing. The free version offers limited content as opposed to the $5 full version. Overall, the premium game offers 5 scenarios, 30 missions, 90 challenges, 5 world competitions, free flight, customizable weather conditions, complex control scheme, replay of flight and combat actions, ranks and trophies. The free version has the free flight mode, six missions and the rest is available via in-app purchases, or you can but all for $5.

SteampunkerSteampunker – Tablet Edition $2.99

Developer: Telehorse
Genre: Adventure

Quite a few allusions spin in my head when I look at Steampunker’s walkthrough. Firstly, it reminds me of Silent Age ep. 1 and 2 in its gameplay and atmosphere. Vincent, the protagonist, has to solve a multitude of puzzles to save the Earth from alien robot invasion. The atmosphere and music are reminiscent of Silent Age, indeed, and this is a good thing – the game looks calm, tense and attractive. The design is gorgeous, but the very premise revealed in the title – Steampunker – will attract the Doctor Who aficionados. If you are wondering what the heck steampunk means, in short, it is science fiction about past that could have happened if the future happened sooner. Hence, the setting is in the past stuffed with fancy gizmo, steam-powered (!) rockets that fly to the Moon, weird robots that thankfully never happened in the history of human kind and a good deal of tech à-la Jules Verne. The game is made specifically for the tablets, and offers five chapters with over 30 puzzles, hand-drawn 2D design, beautiful music and a relaxed, intuitive gameplay.

RPG clickerRPG Clicker Freemium

Developer: Epic Pixel, LLC
Genre: Role Playing

If you are on the hunt for the next freemium time killer that is simple, pixel, can be played offline and fun, try this little RPG Clicker. It offers a fresh take on clicker games, throwing in a tons of loot, monsters and eliminating dungeons. Instead, you will be wandering around colorful pixel locations, tapping like mad to get more loot and kill more baddies. The game also adds something the developers called an “inflation system” that lets you beef up your character in incredible ways and kick some boss butt in fun encounters. The game seems entirely randomized, and quite accessible – tap as much as you can and get the weapons, loot, armor and spells, level up and gain experience to become stronger. An overall very decent retro-styled clicker game that offers a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

UltraflowULTRAFLOW Free

Developer: Ultrateam
Genre: Puzzle

Ultraflow is a very challenging, even hard, take on twitch puzzles that comes from an indie developer Ultrateam, and it looks like their first release on Google Play. The game is fun, addicting, free and comes with no ads or IAPs. You are presented with a layout of basic 2D objects on a dark background, and your aim is to shoot one circle to reach the target circle in as few hits against the other objects as possible. The circle you shoot has a number inside, which stands for the number of hits the circle can withstand before exploding, which means “game over.” The music is very nice, and the challenges are amazing – difficult, fun to accomplish, rewarding. You are not limited by the number of lives or retries, so you can play all you want, with your WiFi off. By all means, get this little gem if you are a fan of smart puzzles. The only thing that is keeping this decent game from being great is the overly simplistic design. I would like to say it looks stylish, but I can’t – the color palettes hurt my eyes, but that is purely subjective in an objectively fine 99-level indie game. Get it.

HypherHypher Free

Developer: Invictus Games Ltd.
Genre: Arcade

I loved Hypher. It is hard, annoying, neck-breaking fast, and the gameplay is a continuous succession of retries, but it is fun and beautiful – exactly the kind of game for the lovers of eye candy. It is dead simple and frustratingly hard – you control a fast-moving neon brick that is desperately trying to survive in a maze of rectangle-stuffed tube. You can only move left or right, jumping frantically from one side of the tube to the other while the rectangles keep coming in at you from the left, right and middle. Most of the trickiest maneuvers need to be accomplished within split seconds, and if you fail the brick crashes in a multitude of glass pieces. This will satisfy as a next time killer the fans of Wave Dot, Super Hexagon and Hex 99. Everything is fine about this game but the somewhat intrusive ads, and as usual, I suggest you remember you have an On/Off switch button for your WiFi if you can’t stomach them anymore.

Ambition of the slimesAmbition of the Slimes Freemium

Developer: altairworks
Genre: Simulation

This is wicked – Ambition of Slimes has you playing against your own kind. In this classic pixel RPG that is somewhat reminiscent of Final Fantasy and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, you play as slime that were nearly entirely extinguished by the greatest evil this planet has ever known – the humans. You, as slime, have nothing to oppose to human’s merciless genocide against your brethren. Nearly extinct, you discover an interesting ability that turns tables – you can take over human bodies and control them by physically penetrating them, making them your own weapon. And so, your revenge plan is ready to be deployed. Don’t be fooled by the superficial simplicity of the game – it is a really hard tactical RPG, with the classic set of heroes to take over and wage war against humans. The game features a very fair IAP system, and you can beat the game without buying anything. The main trick is to get a powerful and well armored enemy so you can overcome difficult boss fights. Possessing enemies is not an easy task, either, and your tactics are essential.

Rock Paper WizardsRock, Paper, Wizards! HD Free

Developer: ZebraFox Games
Genre: Casual

This little indie game is the classic take on rock, paper, scissors that is very fast and challenging. It has a lengthy story that results absolutely irrelevant because in the end, you just play the good, old game time and time again until you can’t stand the pace. The catch is the game shows you what your AI opponent is about to draw, so you have no excuses to lose. The further you progress, the more time you have to draw the correct answer, but the point is you die when you draw five incorrect ones. If you make it to the boss fight, and win, you loot his treasure chest for only one life. Unapologetic, colorful and fiendish, it is a fun time killer, also available for play in browsers.

SkullzSkullz $1.99

Developer: {Zeichen}kraftwerk Jeutter, Schaller, Stäger Gbr
Genre: Adventure

If you are too young to remember MS-DOS games, or the good old Secret of Monkey Island, you might have played The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo, which feels similar to this dark horror trip. It actually looks pretty depressing, with the dark, decadent design and the overly minimalist retro styled design. Moreover, the game wears its pre-historic attire with pride, and the gameplay is executed through a simple selection between two to four options your protagonist, a skeleton, can do. With all that seemingly repelling elements that make me think I’ve seen an overdose in pixel games this January, Skullz manages to create a unique, eerie atmosphere and a tripping adventure you’d be fascinated by. Chances are you might even see it in your dark purple nightmares. Sweet.

SkywardSkyward Free

Developer: Ketchapp
Genre: Arcade

My favorite game on today’s list, Skyward is a challenging, yet relaxing twitch game dressed up in Escher style and pastel palette reminiscent of Monument Valley. You control two dots, one resting on a tile of an ascending labyrinth, the other rotating around it. You have to tap anywhere on the screen but with perfect timing when the rotating dot is above the next tile to land on it. Thus, the previously resting dot starts rotating and you need to hurry up to land it on the next tile before it makes two full circles and dives into nothingness. It is beautifully rendered and sports a wonderful soundtrack that evolves as you climb up higher and higher up the labyrinths that self-destruct after you’ve passed them. It is a very addicting Zen-y progression disrupted only by intrusive ads, and again, turn off that WiFi and enjoy the game.

SpinnerSpinner: The Game Freemium

Developer: Perishtronic Studios
Genre: Arcade

I have barely seen a trailer that explains as little about the game’s mechanics as this one, so when I saw it I thought I’d skip it. Then I read user reviews and thought I’d rather try it. It’s techno, arcade and funky, with peculiar early 90’s color palettes and minimalist design. It is both simple and difficult – the kind of game that consumes 100% of your attention when you start playing, and better yet, it is free-to-play. You control a spinning hand in the middle of a gray round maze that gets gradually filled by psychedelic fractions you need to tap to consume them, avoiding obstacles and scoring combos. If you play it and find better words to describe the gameplay – be my guest. It is a visual and musical cacophony that is surprisingly addicting and enjoyable, and has virtually no end to its excellent replay value.

Super Rocket Plunder DemoSuper Rocket Plunder Demo Free or Full $0.99

Developer: Arukari Arcade
Genre: Action

Another hidden gem in the loads Google Play never shows you, Super Rocket Plunder is similar to Chicken Invaders, if you played them. You control a space rocket on its upward flight as it shoots incoming waves of alien ships. You get to shoot them and collect their scrap, and sometimes even energy. Alas, your fuel is limited and once it is over, or you hit an alien ship, you start your fall back to Earth. As you dove further down the atmosphere, you encounter a yellow trail you need to follow. It will help you gain some speed so you can dive deeper underground and collect gems. The latter will help you buy ship upgrades in the shop. Not all upgrades are available in the demo version, however, and some of the most lucrative ones, like bigger rockets are only available in the full version. Considering the nominal $1 price, the game is wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable, with comic book style visuals and great sound score. Pure fun.

Tel and AitchTel And Aitch Free, ad supported

Developer: Red Penguin
Genre: Role Playing

If you enjoyed Stories of bethem, you should try Tel and Aitch by Red Penguin. A free indie pixel platformer has you playing as two heroes – Tel and Aitch. One wages a sword, the other is a better jumper. You control them both simultaneously, by switching the one that is currently leading every now and then depending on the task at hand a steep hill, or a villain approaching. It is very neat in gameplay, fast and hilarious, as well as pretty in design and fiendish in challenges, traps and puzzles. It is very old school in a good way, and offers quite a unique gameplay that is very enjoyable. I think I am going to be sticking a little longer with this one. Oh, and it is only in beta, and already looking quite impressive. I haven’t encountered any glitches, and within my 20 minutes with it, am engrossed. The ads are non-intrusive.

The deepp caveThe Deep Cave 2 $1.99

Developer: jijaproductions
Genre: Adventure

If you played the Deep Cave on your Xbox 360, you must be familiar with its premise, and this sequel comes beefed up for your Android devices. As opposed I am to playing arcade games that can cut, hurt or kill protagonists that are children, some games like Nightmare: malaria are really fun and have a message. The Deep Cave 2 may not have any meaningful message, but the gameplay is wonderful while the art work is unique. The buy named Pi is an adventurous kid and goes on a stroll along a deep cave. As you would expect, he encounters all sorts of underground beasts there, but instead of running for his life out of the cave, he ventures even deeper – where the lava flows. The game has a flair of nostalgia around it, and is certainly worth checking out this week.

Twitchy ThronesTwitchy Thrones $1.99

Developer: Once A Bird
Genre: Strategy

I’ve always wanted someone made a real GoT parody in mobile gaming. Thankfully, Twitchy Thrones does just that, and mocks nefariously the famed inhabitants of “Lefteros” and the brave sons of the House “Storker.” It is hilarious and totally recommended to anyone who can’t wait for the next GoT season, or who feels the fandom takes the fantasy world too serious. It is a fun, pixel strategy piece of art that takes you to a pixel battle ground against baddies. The perfectly designed strategy is spiced with intrigue and a great deal of dark sense of humor in cut-scenes that mock the fair-haired Lannisters. It offers short gameplay sessions perfect for playing on the go.

Twin Rabbit BattleTwin Rabbit Battle Free, ad supported

Developer: DinoMerguez
Genre: Card

This was one hilarious game trailer, with a few screenshots blinking for a few seconds and the end line going like “Too fast? Try the game. It’s slower.” accompanied by dramatic piano music. Apparently, two twin brothers who are also rabbits hate one another and decide to define who rules by playing cards. Hence, the CCG gameplay takes on a surprisingly deep and enjoyable twist, with easy to master rules, unique cards and an attractive design that is a positive contrast to the regular CCGs that depict mages and warriors. If you are done with those, try your luck with this free, accessible and fun indie game.