Turbine Announces ‘Batman: Arkham Underworld’ for Mobile



PC Gamers will likely be more familiar with developer Turbine than mobile gamers, but it sounds like they’re about to meet. Turbine is the studio behind the MOBA¬†Infinite Crisis¬†on PC, and they’re working on bringing a new super-hero related game to mobile devices. Batman: Arkham Underworld is their latest project and it is well underway, with closed beta sign-ups now available via the official website. It sounds like it will be a base building/attacking type of game, set in the city of Gotham. Players will work their way up to becoming a crime kingpin, and eventually get a shot at taking down Batman himself.

There really isn’t a whole lot of information available other than what is on their website, so it’s hard to say exactly what this game is going to look like when it’s all said and done. Hopefully we’ll get a look at the actual game soon, or at least a cinematic trailer, but for now we’re kind of in the dark so to speak. If you’re intrigued by this game, check back here on Pockemeta regularly for more news about development, as well as a release date and pricing. Make sure you sign up for the beta test as well, and you might be able to get an early look at the game.